Definition of upraise in English:



  • Raise (something) to a higher level.

    ‘an upraised arm’
    • ‘The dog was a reddish-grey color, with what seemed to be permanently upraised hackles along her neck and back.’
    • ‘A dozen kids - children, babies - run bawling down the aisle, ducking under the upraised arms of as many waiters.’
    • ‘The chiropractor then tried to push the volunteer's upraised arm down to a horizontal position while the volunteer tried to resist.’
    • ‘Her hands were upraised, as if trying to give someone something.’
    • ‘Manon gave her brother a long look, eyebrows upraised, head lowered, which said eloquently, Oh, and what is going on here?’
    • ‘She then frowned and upraised an eye brow as she looked me up and down.’
    • ‘She ran her hand along the white metal, finally finding the slightly upraised area.’
    • ‘We turned to him, and I saw he stood with arms upraised above us.’
    • ‘Suddenly, with a single lowering of the President Chairman's upraised arms, the crowd was hushed.’
    • ‘It wasn't going to happen, though, so she dried her wet face against her upraised knees and lifted her head.’
    • ‘Twelve people were standing in a circle, arms upraised.’
    • ‘Al froze in place, one hand upraised, his eyes narrowing.’
    • ‘In Prayers for peace, a mother with upraised arms is a symbolic tree of life.’
    • ‘Half-kneeling, she pressed her fist into the ground, then defiantly upraised it.’
    • ‘As for Joseph, he is pointing to himself, eyes upraised as if seeking reassurance.’
    • ‘Lillak sprinted around the track with undisguised joy, arms upraised like a footballer, as the spectators went mad.’
    • ‘With hands upraised in blessing, the new Pope addresses his flock for the first time.’
    • ‘Lee leaned against one side of the door, his upraised arm barely touching the door bell.’
    • ‘A collective cheer rose as she all but leapt into their upraised arms, ecstatically hugging them both.’
    • ‘His hands were upraised but when she blinked he was gone.’
    raise, hoist, heave, haul up, uplift, heft, boost, raise aloft, raise up, elevate, thrust, hold high, bear aloft
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