Definition of uppermost in English:


(also upmost)


  • Highest in place, rank, or importance.

    ‘the uppermost windows’
    ‘her father was uppermost in her mind’
    • ‘Recession is uppermost in the minds of politicians and chief executives as they gossip at the World Economic Forum.’
    • ‘The stories we plan to tell are all true and of the upmost relevance to our audience.’
    • ‘I think it has something to do with keeping us calm, as I suppose that hysterical stressed examination candidates can get pretty violent if not treated with the upmost politeness.’
    • ‘Mr Cowen said the findings were of the upmost gravity and it was particularly disturbing that nationalists were known to be targeted but were not properly protected.’
    • ‘The immediate issue of following through on promises of aid is, however, of the upmost importance.’
    • ‘She said: ‘He asked me what issues were upmost in our minds, and my issue was world poverty.’’
    • ‘Teach your children well, teach them about all the ‘ins and outs’, don't leave it to the schools to do, know what and when your child is learning, and of upmost importance, support them no matter what.’
    • ‘‘This thought should be uppermost in members' minds when they come to vote on 27 June,’ Bell said.’
    • ‘‘I would never be associated with a company that wasn't of the upmost character,’ says CEO Watjen.’
    • ‘Remember, I get nothing but upmost respect from you and your fellow friends.’
    • ‘So I agreed to answer all of Cranmer's questions with the upmost honesty.’
    • ‘All my servants were capable and treated with upmost respect.’
    • ‘When we arrived she was in such a distressed state that we had to treat it with the upmost seriousness.’
    • ‘All information coming from such a governing body should be looked at with the upmost skepticism.’
    • ‘He is a man for whom I have the upmost regard and respect as, had he not correctly diagnosed my detaching retina 4 and a half years ago, I would now be blind in my left eye.’
    • ‘But they are not uppermost in my mind at the moment.’
    • ‘‘We wish to assure this woman that she will be treated with the upmost compassion and sensitivity if she makes contact,’ a spokesman said.’
    • ‘Mobilizing your progressive community for the 2004 elections will be of upmost importance not only in order to preserve your constitution but also to restore the tarnished image the US is now projecting around the world.’
    • ‘Perhaps because the research is being carried out ‘in upmost secrecy’.’
    • ‘I must point out that all the allegations made are without foundation and I have acted at all times with the upmost probity.’
    highest, furthest up, loftiest, top, topmost, most elevated
    predominant, most important, of greatest importance, to the fore, foremost, top, dominant, preponderant, principal, leading, greatest, chief, main, paramount, major
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  • At or to the highest or most important position.

    ‘investors put environmental concerns uppermost on their list’
    • ‘Halve and deseed the peppers and place, with rounded sides uppermost, under a preheated grill until the skins blacken.’
    • ‘The economy is struggling, and the bond market has deflation uppermost in its mind.’
    • ‘Tim, what issues have been uppermost in voters' minds in this election?’
    • ‘As a visitor from the affluent west, I returned home with two thoughts uppermost in my mind.’
    • ‘With conservation uppermost in most minds, important to Paul is that much of his work is with dead, damaged or dying trees.’
    • ‘In case after case, McCarthy kept the interests of the children uppermost.’
    • ‘What was uppermost on his agenda was having me sign off on his competency to return to work.’
    • ‘The result of this should be uppermost in our minds until the general economy starts to pick up again.’
    • ‘I have one thought uppermost in my mind and that is delivering value to shareholders.’
    • ‘Place the fish fillets on the grill tray, skin side uppermost.’
    • ‘It is a party that campaigned on the general slogan of having the welfare of our families uppermost.’
    • ‘But remember that it serves the Democrats' interests for environmental concerns to remain uppermost in people's minds.’
    • ‘The question uppermost in this regard should be whether he is fully fit to play at the highest level.’
    • ‘In light of the incapacity of the defendant to undergo trial, this is a practical change that keeps the need for community safety uppermost.’
    • ‘The uppermost of these indicates the man's current choice of weapon and the amount of ammunition available.’
    • ‘Put the tomatoes, cut side uppermost, in an ovenproof dish and season.’
    • ‘Ohio's supreme importance in the election was uppermost in his mind as he urged everyone to go out and vote.’
    • ‘There are five in all, the uppermost distinguished by a pointed saddle roof.’
    • ‘With arms out in front of you and palms uppermost, bring the hands to the shoulders so stretching and flexing the elbows.’
    • ‘He goes to the position that both students have now been in, but has both thumbs uppermost.’