Definition of upper middle class in English:

upper middle class


  • treated as singular or plural The social group between the upper and the middle class made up of well-paid professionals, managers, and their families.

    ‘the growth of white-collar employment has accounted for the expansion of the upper middle class’
    ‘the social pattern of marrying later in life had originally been confined to the upper middle classes’
    • ‘The goal is to attract middle class and upper middle class people back to the city, he says.’
    • ‘I suppose the people I observe could be called the middle class or upper middle class in more nations than just a couple of rich democracies.’
    • ‘Attlee was a barrister from an upper middle class family.’
    • ‘Well, I think the big swing factor still is a middle class and upper middle class of white women.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, to an increasing extent, wine is the beverage of choice of middle and upper middle class families in the Cape and in the inland areas around Johannesburg.’
    • ‘I belong to this group of middle and upper middle class, we never met working class people in those years.’
    • ‘There was also some substitution from upper class to upper middle class and a small increase in lower middle class and working class representation.’
    • ‘He thinks a tax rebate this summer combined with an overall tax cut for the middle and upper middle class will jump-start the sagging economy.’
    • ‘Their socioeconomic status was middle to upper middle class.’
    • ‘Sectors A, B and C represent the rich, upper middle class and middle class.’
    • ‘Even in the Journal, the spectacle of upper middle class, middle aged men whining about their life situation is absurd if amusing.’
    • ‘Increased income for the upper middle class and the rich has led to a decrease of affordable housing for the poor in urban areas.’
    • ‘Most people reading this review will be middle class, maybe upper middle class and you will be the ones who will have to live on a tiny £40,000 per year.’
    • ‘They belong to the middle class or upper middle class and are from all age groups.’
    • ‘The upper middle class as well as the middle class and the rural women participated in thousands in the freedom struggle.’
    • ‘Our students, as indicated earlier, were and are largely middle and upper middle class, and the majority live in suburbs.’
    • ‘They were upper middle class or middle class in origin.’
    • ‘Gym memberships and even personal training are now regarded as necessities in the middle class and upper middle class, as opposed to being the symbol of the rich.’
    • ‘I could be considered upper middle class, but my family isn't nearly as wealthy as the Kohl family.’


  • Relating to the upper middle class.

    ‘she seemed a typical product of her upper-middle-class background’
    • ‘On his return he commenced working on twelve novels tracing the history of an upper-middle-class Irish family.’
    • ‘The march was a well-organized show of force by a segment of society that traditionally has not been activist: middle-class and upper-middle-class taxpayers.’
    • ‘In upper-middle-class circles it is now a status symbol to have four or more children.’
    • ‘Born in Japan in 1933 into an upper-middle-class banking family who moved to America when she was a teenager, Ono studied classical music and art.’
    • ‘It's the upper-middle-class equivalent of a game of football.’
    • ‘Socioeconomic status was not formally assessed, but school principals considered the participating schools to be located in middle-class to upper-middle-class neighbourhoods.’
    • ‘Josephine Butler was a wife and mother from a solidly upper-middle-class background.’
    • ‘A large, commanding man of upper-middle-class origins and private-school education, he wrested control of Labor from a suspicious and defensive executive and made it into a modern social democratic party.’
    • ‘She's from an upper-middle-class background and was completely shocked that it's ‘legal to charge such a high rate of interest.’’
    • ‘Many applicants had been put off by the universities' upper-middle-class image, he added.’
    • ‘At the same time mothering of this sort is reserved for a relatively small number of elite, middle and upper middle class women.’
    • ‘Brenda is a middle aged, African American female with an upper-middle-class income.’
    • ‘It really did appeal to a wide range, and in that way showed that opera is not just an upper-middle-class passion.’
    • ‘She grew up, she says, in a large upper-middle-class Thai family, all living together in various houses on their own compound.’
    • ‘The eagle scout who raised funds for his troop was reared by upper-middle-class parents who volunteered for civic committees and raised money for charities in Seattle.’
    • ‘Life was changing in ways which made it less boring to be an upper-middle-class man, but the awareness of the fact that life was changing made men more conscious of the burdens they had been carrying.’
    • ‘Over half of the camp's thirty-nine staff members are White Anglo-Saxon from upper-middle-class, suburban backgrounds.’
    • ‘Again, the majority of these immigrants were middle- or upper-middle-class members of Brazilian society, and most of them came from southern or south-central Brazil.’
    • ‘In political terms Gandhi's main achievement was to turn the small, upper-middle-class Indian National Congress movement into a mass movement.’
    • ‘Also, there is a preference for English-language use among middle-class and upper-middle-class adults.’