Definition of upper house in English:

upper house


  • 1The higher house in a bicameral parliament or similar legislature.

    ‘they have veto powers through their seats in the Bundesrat, the upper house of parliament’
    • ‘The government of Trinidad and Tobago consists of a parliamentary democracy with an elected lower house and an appointed upper house.’
    • ‘They also control the upper house of parliament, the Bundesrat.’
    • ‘After passing the cabinet, the bill will be resubmitted to the lower and upper houses of parliament and then to the Constitutional Council before being passed to King Norodom Sihanouk to be promulgated into law.’
    • ‘Last week, the upper house of the German parliament gave final approval to a series of tax reforms largely benefiting big business.’
    • ‘He won't offer details until after elections for the upper house of parliament later this month.’
    • ‘He had to be appointed to the Indian upper house of parliament or Rajya Sabha.’
    • ‘At that time bills before Parliament had to be passed by the upper house, the Legislative Council.’
    • ‘The bill was earlier adopted by the lower and upper houses of parliament.’
    • ‘The President will appoint one-third of the members of the upper house of parliament, and half of those must be women.’
    • ‘A further debate is now underway in the parliamentary upper house, the Rajya Sabha, over the Gujarat violence.’
    • ‘He repeated his comments in the upper house of the Indian parliament on April 9.’
    • ‘The removal of abbots from the upper house of Parliament after the Reformation left that chamber dominated by secular lords.’
    • ‘The 357 LDP representatives in Japan's lower and upper houses of parliament each have one vote.’
    • ‘In the Senate, the parliamentary upper house, the Greens' sole MP, Bob Brown, may be joined by two colleagues.’
    • ‘Finally, at the end of July, the parliament, the upper house and the federal government agreed to supply the court with such a list.’
    • ‘In Germany, conservatives control the upper house of Parliament and can veto many of the reforms.’
    • ‘The introduction of self-government from the 1850s created bicameral parliaments, with elected lower houses but nominated upper houses in two colonies.’
    • ‘The upper house of parliament is the Senate, which has 12 senators from each state and two from each territory.’
    • ‘Some 200 strikers demonstrated outside the Senate upper house of parliament.’
    • ‘The upper house of Russia's parliament will convene on Wednesday to set the date.’
    legislature, legislative assembly, congress, senate, chamber, house, lower house, upper chamber, lower chamber, second chamber, convocation, diet, council, assembly, chamber of deputies
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    1. 1.1 (in the UK) the House of Lords.
      • ‘We already have a Conservative proposal for an Upper House in which eighty per cent of the members are elected.’
      • ‘Not surprisingly, with the government deeply unpopular and an Upper House election coming this summer, he probably won't be around to clear up the mess he helped create and has now so graphically described.’
      • ‘But she does a good job in describing the jobs an Upper House might do, and the membership it might need to do them.’


upper house