Definition of upper class in English:

upper class


  • treated as singular or plural The social group that has the highest status in society, especially the aristocracy.

    ‘it is important that the children of the upper class attend the ‘right’ school’
    ‘foppish fashions that came and went in the upper classes’
    • ‘Gandhi was born to the upper class of Indian society and had the privilege to study law in London.’
    • ‘There is much enthusiasm for recreational boating and water sports among the middle and upper class in India.’
    • ‘That is why more than a century ago, as leisure time expanded, the working class displaced the upper classes in British football.’
    • ‘Could you argue that the working and even upper classes have healthier cultures than the middle classes?’
    • ‘They need to get high-quality healthcare, which has all along been the privilege of the middle and upper classes.’
    • ‘Libertarians, of course, are primarily from the middle to upper classes of society.’
    • ‘Young people from middle and upper class families are far more likely to go to college than those in working class families.’
    • ‘Along with it, foreign cars have become a craze for upper class families and the middle class is following the trend.’
    • ‘In the upper middle and upper classes, child care often is delegated to a nanny.’
    • ‘Most of the girls there were upper middle class, if not upper class.’
    • ‘This action also coincided with an economic boom, which created a greater gap between the poor and the middle to upper classes.’
    • ‘What it really has to do with is maintaining the dominance of the upper classes and enforcing social norms.’
    • ‘Higher education is coveted by all, but only the middle and upper classes can afford to attend a university.’
    • ‘The decorated pots are almost part and parcel of the houses of all middle and upper class women.’
    • ‘And isn't it true that in any society the working classes find it much harder to own their own home than the middle or upper classes?’
    • ‘The problem is that the upper classes in this society over-consume more than anybody else.’
    • ‘If it has become a tool for the upper class to maintain their status and power, how can we reach this goal?’
    • ‘The society is made up of the wealthy upper class, the middle class, and the working or lower class.’
    • ‘As the ranks of the country's middle and upper classes expand, so too is the Chinese passion for golf.’
    • ‘Roza's employers are not from the upper classes, but are working class people.’
    best, pick, cream, flower, nonpareil, elect
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  • Relating to or characteristic of the upper class.

    ‘upper-class accents’
    • ‘We have become in awe of Tiger Woods, who has given a new face to what was once an elite, upper-class white man's activity.’
    • ‘He uses an upper-class accent and claims to come from a wealthy family.’
    • ‘Soon, the car pulled into the car park of the most upper-class, posh and wealthy sports club in the entire state.’
    • ‘Born into a musical upper-class family, he showed early promise as both composer and pianist.’
    • ‘Until recently, this was a rich, plummy, fruity, upper-class voice.’
    • ‘He asked himself, loudly, in a relatively upper-class accent.’
    • ‘Born into an upper-class family with a feudal culture, Zohra frequently noticed unfair treatment around her.’
    • ‘It was generally thought that eating disorders struck upper-class white teens and young women.’
    • ‘Yet, it is affordable to many middle- and upper-class city dwellers.’
    • ‘Ten blocks to the north is Bachman's, a large upper-class garden superstore.’
    • ‘There appears to be a growing percentage enjoying an upper class status in South Africa.’
    • ‘Gere plays a successful but bored upper-class Manhattan executive.’
    • ‘Many people understand tango as a very elegant, upper-class music, but the truth is that its origins are rather dark and dirty.’
    • ‘We are in a country estate in upper-class rural England.’
    • ‘A wedding is taking place in the gardens of an affluent, upper-class household.’
    • ‘We moved to a quiet, upper-class neighbourhood in Maracas Valley, St Joseph, when I was ten.’
    • ‘The children interviewed came from middle to upper-class families.’
    • ‘We in the upper-class society do not believe that we are more noble than others.’
    • ‘Specific, or all, upper-class dorms could provide a gender-blind housing option.’
    • ‘Gentlemen's clubs upheld these traditions, but early competition was largely confined to an upper-class social elite.’
    aristocratic, noble, noble-born, of noble birth, patrician, titled, blue-blooded, high-born, well born, elite, upper-crust, landowning, landed, born with a silver spoon in one's mouth
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upper class