Definition of uplifting in English:



  • Morally or spiritually elevating; inspiring happiness or hope.

    ‘an uplifting tune’
    • ‘Stone uses his gifts as a scenarist to create a unique, inventive uplifting story.’
    • ‘The church or cathedral spire would be built over a vortex to promote the most spiritually uplifting experience for worshippers.’
    • ‘Rigorously avoiding sentimentality, Jacobson opts instead for something far more uplifting, which is honesty.’
    • ‘Every night, you know, we try to close with a musical number of an uplifting nature.’
    • ‘Robert Force has been playing the mountain dulcimer for over 30 years, delivering wildly uplifting performances around the globe.’
    • ‘John, I like what you said about contribute to society, very motivational, uplifting.’
    • ‘Just to be can be so very rewarding, so uplifting, so transformative.’
    • ‘He did good, professional work but reportedly lamented the dearth (to him) of more uplifting assignments in comics.’
    • ‘I am going through a transition period right now and your emails are uplifting to me.’
    • ‘What I was instantly drawn to with Dogs was their happy uplifting songs, with often child like lyrics comical content.’
    • ‘All in all, a delightful and uplifting evening.’
    • ‘Well worth the price, and an uplifting experience.’
    • ‘In the second movement Andante, Menissier employs delectable registrations to highlight the uplifting nature of the music.’
    • ‘Her return pilgrimage to Lourdes last year was an uplifting experience during her illness.’
    • ‘To bring the beneficent influence of the countryside into the city, parks provided "uplifting" rural scenery.’
    • ‘Our posters tend to be a bit wittier and more direct, whereas the German contingent are more visionary and uplifting.’
    • ‘The film is absorbing rather than depressing, uplifting rather than sad.’
    • ‘At their best, they are stories we can appreciate regardless of whether they are remotely true, morally uplifting, or practically significant.’
    • ‘Probably the critics of modern art are nostalgic for beautiful and uplifting art like the Sistine Chapel.’
    • ‘You do not go to the UN to see uplifting moral authority in action.’