Definition of uphaul in English:



  • A rope used for hauling up a boat's sail or centreboard.

    • ‘Hold your rig by the uphaul line and let it swing freely.’
    • ‘All of our sails are rigged and ready to go with adjustable harness lines, booms and uphauls attached.’
    • ‘Once you get to the end of the uphaul rope, pause again and check your stance.’
    • ‘The stretchy uphauls made ideal towing ropes as they gave a little when starting and sailing through the chop.’
    • ‘Holding onto the uphaul the sailor stands up and lifts the sail out of the water.’
    • ‘Take the uphaul in your hands and stand up slowly.’
    • ‘It's possible that the original uphaul line shredded away and what is left is the core that gave the original uphaul its strength.’