Definition of updraught in English:


(US updraft)


  • An upward current of air.

    ‘the clouds form when strong updraughts of wind begin rotating’
    • ‘The large hawks, called Buteos, often drift overhead without flapping their wings while they ride an updraft of warm air, known as a thermal.’
    • ‘Normally, the air that's moving down, called a downdraft, shares the thunderstorm with the updraft.’
    • ‘‘When there's a windy day, there are lots of updrafts that raptors like to use,’ the biologist said.’
    • ‘Warm, humid conditions are very favorable for thunderstorm development as strong updrafts feed warm, moist air into thunderstorms.’
    • ‘If the item is lightweight, like a fish or a small frog, it may be caught in a strong storm or a cloud updraft for a long time rising higher until it is thrown out like a hailstone.’
    • ‘It is caused by the tremendous updraft and downdraft winds within the thunderstorm.’
    • ‘In some cases, intense updrafts prevent the rain-cooled air from forming the downdraft.’
    • ‘It felt like a little turbulence from thermal updrafts, a common occurrence when flying at 1,000 Feet in this area, so I wasn't worried.’
    • ‘The storm surge within a hurricane is typically caused by strong winds pushing the ocean surface ahead of the storm, and not by the massive updraft from within a hurricane.’
    • ‘A blonde was scurrying across the parking lot, her hair caught in the updraft of the wind.’
    • ‘Hailstones are formed by winds known as updrafts that blow upward in thunderstorms.’
    • ‘There was a cold draught on the side of my face and I was too occupied to do anything about it.’
    • ‘The strongest tornadoes form at the edge of the updraft.’
    • ‘‘Hailstorms usually happen in spring and summer afternoons when updrafts and downdrafts interact strongly,’ You said.’
    • ‘In fact, some of the energy that helps create strong updrafts in land thunderstorms goes into creating a hurricane's 74 mph or stronger winds blowing along the ocean and ground.’
    • ‘Condors hunt prey mostly by sight, soaring on thermal updrafts and wind currents until they spot a potential meal.’
    • ‘A strong updraft allows hailstones to grow large enough to reach the ground.’
    • ‘This probably allows them to take advantage of weather patterns, like thermal updrafts and winds that speed their flight.’
    • ‘After noting a distinct updraft and some rather severe hail, I was almost certain we were about to be hit by a tornado.’
    • ‘‘Fire makes its own weather, with severe updrafts and downdrafts,’ said Wahlberg, noting that the pilots must be particularly familiar with the operation of that aircraft to work fires.’
    steady flow, stream, backdraught, slipstream
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