Definition of up to speed in English:

up to speed


  • 1Operating at full speed or at an expected rate or level.

    ‘a noise like a jet engine coming up to speed’
    ‘the manager is just getting up to speed’
    • ‘I only had three hours of tech rehearsal, and that's usually a full load getting the sound and light cues up to speed for one show, much less four.’
    • ‘It could be argued that we weren't giving the coolers enough time to get fully up to speed.’
  • 2informal Fully informed or up to date.

    ‘his secretary's up to speed on IT’
    • ‘A class description or a short chat with your instructor should bring you up to speed.’
    • ‘We'll keep you fully up to speed on what's happening.’
    • ‘Bring us up to speed on the investigation as to where we are now.’
    • ‘He and his team now spend time educating people and bringing the company up to speed on grid-computing procedures.’
    • ‘If you are self-employed you should get advice from a good professional if you are not up to speed on pension products and their performance.’
    • ‘When a firm takes on a new graduate it expects him or her to be up to speed with the latest theories and technologies.’
    • ‘Now pilots or crew chiefs moving to another aircraft type will be able to quickly get up to speed on any differences in how the new aircraft operates in a combat zone.’
    • ‘Just in case you don't know what I'm talking about I'll try and bring you up to speed.’
    • ‘This is most common at large companies that don't want to spend the time to get a newcomer up to speed with the operations of a large public company only to then rehire again.’
    • ‘She'll bring us up to speed on the third incident.’
    knowledgeable, enlightened, illuminated, literate, well informed, well educated, educated, schooled, instructed
    familiarize, make conversant, acquaint, get up to date, keep up to date
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