Definition of up before in English:

up before


  • Appearing for a hearing in the presence of.

    ‘we'll have to come up before a magistrate’
    • ‘Are not-so-fat people to be so demonised as to be hauled up before a jury of their peers?’
    • ‘In London, he was hauled up before a series of high-ranking intelligence officers.’
    • ‘They get hauled up before the courts on the weight of complaints made by their parents.’
    • ‘If you were brought up before the headmaster he would poke you in the chest and you fell back.’
    • ‘This is the third time he has been up before a judge in less than two years.’
    • ‘Eight days later she was up before the same court to admit committing two further thefts.’
    • ‘If you step over the line and steal you may well find yourself arrested and up before the magistrates.’
    • ‘They are wrecked on the Isle of Dogs, and brought up before Golding, the deputy alderman.’