• 1up and do somethinginformal no object Do something unexpectedly.

    ‘she upped and left him’
    • ‘Then one day she just upped and bit the hand that fed her.’
    • ‘One track and I would have let it pass but they boogied on so at track four I upped and dressed to go knock on their door.’
    • ‘Now, the batteries in my alarm clock have just upped and died too.’
    • ‘She was very distressed and told me the family had upped and gone to England and she was very fearful for the safety of the two children.’
    • ‘A few months later, the guy who owned and operated the company upped and vanished to avoid a legion of creditors, and has not been seen since.’
    • ‘He claims he upped and ran, first to Kildare and then to Waterford as a result of the pressure and the rumours of a €10,000 price on his head.’
    • ‘Anyway, housemate Big Al has upped and left for pastures green.’
    • ‘She just upped and left Slovakia, came here knowing no-one, and now she works at Macey's!’
    • ‘Suddenly they upped and moved, telling neighbours that they were emigrating to the US.’
    • ‘After finishing their A-levels the band upped and left for London.’
    • ‘After one particular row Iris upped and went to France to pick grapes.’
    • ‘When the pain inflicted by his bullying schoolfellow exceeded the pain-pleasure ratio, he upped and ran away from Repton.’
    • ‘Cutting, trimming, finishing, pressing: it was taxing work, though not for the bosses who upped and relocated their operations to other sites nearby in order to escape the clutches of the VAT man.’
    • ‘Eventually I just upped and left at 17, went to London to find musicians to play with.’
    • ‘Then we upped and left, diverting to avoid a heath fire.’
    brighten, brighten up, lighten, become light, light up, break, clear up, become bright, become brighter, become lighter, become fine, become sunny
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  • 2with object Increase (a level or amount)

    ‘capacity will be upped by 70 per cent next year’
    • ‘Simply upping the amount of fruit and vegetables you eat will make a difference.’
    • ‘The Government keeps changing the criteria and they are being upped again in April.’
    • ‘The performance will have something for everyone, with the opening half dedicated to acoustic numbers, while the second half will see the tempo upped with a selection of rock ‘n’ roll hits.’
    • ‘Pension funds, hit hard by market volatility, could better protect returns by upping their long-term risk-free holdings.’
    • ‘When the company bought the land, it upped that rent from around £1,000 a year to £3,500 a year.’
    • ‘On Monday afternoon, we'd upped that to $15 million.’
    • ‘While the previous version uses Intel's 800MHz FSB, the Pro release ups that to 1066MHz.’
    • ‘If you want to make the most of your protein sources, try upping the amount of fish you take in.’
    • ‘Raising his hand, he upped the bid to $1.1 million.’
    • ‘As it turns out she's having her basic three-channel television reception upped to a cable package in anticipation of her daughter's homecoming from the hospital.’
    • ‘After initially planting 1.5 acres, they upped that to five acres in 2002.’
    • ‘The win upped the team's win-loss record to 14-0.’
    • ‘The offer - since shamefacedly upped to $35 million - equates to what?’
    • ‘At the heart of the CR-V beats Honda's lively new 2.0-litre i-VTEC engine with power output upped in 2002 to 150 bhp.’
    • ‘One or two guys are clearly playing within a comfort zone and it is time they upped the pace a bit.’
    • ‘Rio already earns 4.4 million a year but if reports are to be believed, he wants his 70,000 a week salary upped to 120,000.’
    • ‘My big achievement for the day was talking to my new account exec at iPowerWeb and getting my storage space upped to 3gb.’
    • ‘The tempo was then upped with the arrival of Dallas Tamiara for the final few songs including the album's first single, ‘Dust’.’
    • ‘I think it's time to go back to the doctors and get the meds changed / upped.’
    • ‘Clubs can now take four short-term and four long-term loans at any one time, with the maximum allowed in any one match upped to five.’
    • ‘Following the break, Mayo upped their game considerably.’
    add to, make larger, make bigger, make greater, augment, supplement, top up, build up, enlarge, expand, extend, raise, multiply, elevate, swell, inflate
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  • 3with object Lift (something) up.

    ‘everybody was cheering and upping their glasses’
    • ‘She ups her stick and begins to belabour him across the shoulders.’
    1. 3.1up withWest Indian, US informal no object Raise or pick up (something)
      ‘this woman ups with a stone’
      • ‘Every time anybody showed himself, Earl upped with that rifle and levelled down.’
      • ‘There was another lady that came in a hurry, and would stop if we were not more than a minute; so Jim ups with a specimen, without looking at it, and it was the picture of a woman and her child.’
      informed about, conversant with, au fait with, up to speed on, in touch with, up with, au courant with, plugged into, familiar with, knowledgeable about, acquainted with, aware of
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