Definition of unwounded in English:



  • Not hurt or injured.

    ‘with his unwounded arm he shot two enemy soldiers’
    • ‘A big super magnum of some sort will extend practical ranges somewhat but in my opinion almost everyone should not be shooting at unwounded game past about 300 yards.’
    • ‘Therefore for the Japanese, fighting to the very end was routine and unwounded prisoners were a rarity.’
    • ‘With the help of his only unwounded man, he then carried the two wounded men to safety.’
    • ‘He slid into the heavy machine gun position and told the unwounded members of the crew and two riflemen to help the injured soldiers away; he would cover them.’
    • ‘In unwounded periderm, there is a decrease in the proportion of esterified pectin during maturation which, the authors suggest, allows for calcium pectate formation and wall strengthening.’
    • ‘The potentiating effect was most prominent in the systemic unwounded leaf of a wounded plant.’
    • ‘As if deciding that I'm a hopeless case, he grabs my unwounded hand and drags me out of the kitchen.’
    • ‘Overall, more than five thousand of the attackers had been killed or wounded, many of the latter being taken prisoner, and in addition fifteen hundred unwounded prisoners had been taken.’
    • ‘‘C'mon’, Vincent grabbed her unwounded arm and ran her outside to his car in the back.’
    • ‘‘My aide here,’ he gestured to the man standing next to him, ‘will take you and your unwounded men to where they shall sleep for the duration of your stay in our mighty city.’’
    • ‘The unwounded boy gestured to the other in the chair.’
    • ‘And, of course, when the area from which tissue seemed to appear is wiped clean by the surgeon, the skin appears to be restored to its original unwounded condition!’
    • ‘Calmodulin, however, is also a calcium sensor found in many plants and so may be present in unwounded tissue.’
    • ‘According to further information to hand, the total figure of unwounded German prisoners captured by the French troops yesterday exceeds 6,000.’
    • ‘The Japanese had built up earlier in the century an almost universal conviction that surrender was the unspeakable disgrace, for a fighting man; until very late in the war, hardly any of their troops surrendered unwounded.’
    • ‘As he spoke the sunglasses never moved from their fixed stare on Martin, even as he struggled to reach for the phone on the desk with his unwounded hand.’
    • ‘Diving off the side of the mountain, the surviving wounded and unwounded SEALs called for help.’
    • ‘John was checked over quickly by a medic who slammed a green tag on his armor to mark his as unwounded.’
    • ‘He screamed in pain and rolled away from Sarah when she finally let go of his arm, cradling it in his unwounded hand.’
    • ‘He said about 10000 men passed through the brigade's ranks during those terrible years, and very few went through the war unwounded.’