Definition of unworried in English:



  • Not anxious or uneasy.

    ‘foreign investors are largely unworried by the government's fall’
    • ‘Southall, which boasts the first British pub to accept payment in rupees, is unworried.’
    • ‘Both have solemnly declared on our unsolicited behalf that we, the public, remain at ease and unworried when burglars receive non custodial sentences community service, even for a second offence.’
    • ‘A recent survey showed that half of Italians are unworried by the changeover.’
    • ‘The ground was good when he ran at Haydock but he said he was unworried by what the going might be at Newbury.’
    • ‘Surely I'm not the only one to be unworried by the eclectic content of this thread?’
    • ‘Besides, if he is so unworried about terrorism, why is he backing the candidate who claims it wouldn't have happened on his watch?’
    • ‘However, the general secretary of the Headteachers Association of Scotland said he was unworried by the minister's intervention.’
    • ‘She, who concedes that at this stage of her career she is in the privileged position of not needing to make records for the money, says she is unworried.’
    • ‘But such is the turnaround in transport thinking over the last 30 years, that even the Road Haulage Association is unworried by the development.’
    • ‘He told reporters that Taiwan is unworried about the military drills ‘as long as they don't spill into an accident conflict.’’
    • ‘In the light of recent rezoning decisions, the IPI said some councillors seemed unworried by the prospect of public shame or the threat of legal action.’
    • ‘The bus driver looked away from her, trying to look like he was unworried.’
    • ‘But he, who is aiming to clinch his second Vuelta victory in three years, says he is unworried.’
    • ‘I can't say I know how this will turn out, I can't say I'm unaware of or unworried about the likely emotional turmoil that lies ahead.’
    • ‘So far, discount carriers seem unworried about a slimmer Delta.’
    • ‘To say he seems unworried would be an understatement.’
    • ‘New tenants moved in a few years ago but they are said to be unworried about the house's spooky past.’
    • ‘To the first group, I appreciate the concern, but remain unworried.’
    • ‘He said he considered the Irish market attractive and was unworried by the prospect of Bank of Scotland's entry to the retail market here later this year.’
    • ‘The population in general seemed unworried by HIV, and offers by western institutions to help with money and know-how were not always taken up.’
    cheerful, happy, jolly, merry, bright, sunny, joyous, light-hearted, in good spirits, in high spirits, sparkling, bubbly, effervescent, exuberant, ebullient, cock-a-hoop, breezy, airy, cheery, sprightly, jaunty, smiling, grinning, beaming, laughing, mirthful, radiant
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