Definition of unworkmanlike in English:



  • Badly done or made.

    • ‘The defendants allegedly collected down payments from consumers at the time the contracts were signed and then either failed to begin the work or performed work in a shoddy and unworkmanlike manner.’
    • ‘That is to say, if any spaces exist between adjacent luminaires, light will shine through the apertures or spaces resulting in an unsightly and unworkmanlike appearance of the finished assembly.’
    • ‘No man ever came back to him and said, ‘Sir, you broke my neck in an unworkmanlike manner.’’
    • ‘That error, one could infer, demonstrates unworkmanlike performance and led to excessive excavation.’
    • ‘The court concludes the defendant breached the contract with the plaintiff by using inappropriate materials and installing the posts and rails in an unworkmanlike manner.’
    • ‘Moreover, the court says that the law is well settled ‘that the natural results of negligent and unworkmanlike construction of a building do not constitute an ‘occurrence.’’
    • ‘In this case, the court held that the unworkmanlike application of waterproof membranes constituted an ‘event’ on each occasion that it occurred.’
    • ‘Plaintiffs enumerated a number of problems, defects and unworkmanlike conditions existing in the modular home constructed by the Defendant under its contract with plaintiffs.’
    • ‘This is a practice which is abhorrent to clock professionals and considered unworkmanlike.’
    • ‘The plaintiff claims that R & M performed its services in an unworkmanlike manner and that the company failed to complete several of the contractual requirements.’