Definition of unworked in English:



  • Not cultivated, mined, or carved.

    ‘unworked fields’
    ‘unworked flint nodules’
    • ‘An unusual assemblage of small worked and unworked red stone fragments was collected by ITARP crews during a surface survey of the 11GE488 site in Greene County.’
    • ‘Lafarge Aggregates signed a legal agreement to close Dry Rigg Quarry, near Horton-in-Ribblesdale, by July 2005 but later said it needed until the end of 2009 to remove unworked reserves.’
    • ‘Thomas III's estate included cut stones, unworked stones, building stones, and tools for stonework and smithing.’
    • ‘The hand axes are mostly pointed, including well-made ‘ficron’ and ‘cordate’ forms, in some cases partly unworked with the outer cortex retained as a convenient handle.’
    • ‘As with Michelangelo's slave, the sculpted should riff with the rough; the anterior of freedom is ‘preconscious’ in the unworked and the wasted alike.’
    • ‘Measurements of air conductivity were performed on stem or branch segments of a series of eight unworked apple rootstocks and two scions.’
    • ‘At a meeting yesterday, members of the Yorkshire Dales National Park planning committee voted 16-3 in favour of allowing the quarry to stay open until 2009, to remove unworked reserves from the site.’
    • ‘The other recorded UMRV occurrences of flint clay are isolated fragments from carved figures or mostly unworked scraps.’
    • ‘Furthermore, the thick blade and sinuous edges found on most contracting - stemmed bifaces produces a rough cut that is far less clean than slices easily produced on the same materials by unworked flakes.’
    • ‘At present Lafarge is due to cease operation at the site in two years, but it is asking for additional time to extract the 1.5 million tonnes of unworked gritstone reserves.’
    • ‘In these there is clear evidence of the interment of what are known to archaeologists as grave goods, including worked and unworked bone and flint, beads fashioned from shells or human teeth, and items of food.’
    • ‘The visual focus of the relief is the central rustic altar in the foreground, carved to represent rough, unworked stones that have been piled up and draped with a garland of laurel leaves.’
    • ‘Half of the disk, upon cleaning, was shown to have a carefully chipped, rounded edge, with the other half unworked and jagged.’
    • ‘Union leaders claim there are at least 90m tonnes of unworked coal still in the pit that could take the best part of 20 years to mine.’
    • ‘After unsuccessful attempts to obtain leases on properties in both Caldbeck Fells and Alston Moor, the partnership obtained permission to explore a previously unworked fluorite-containing vein in the Rogerley quarry in Weardale.’
    • ‘North of Cahokia, Missouri flint clay occurs most often in twelfth-century contexts as unworked fragments or fragmentary portions of pipes or figurines.’
    • ‘When the weaving was completed, the center counterweight was detached from the looped, glued end; the small individual weights were cut off, and any small amounts of unworked hair were bound together with thread.’
    • ‘The chairman of the Peak District National Park Authority's Planning Control Committee said the quarries would remain unworked until the legal process was exhausted.’
    • ‘Lafarge, which employs 15 people at the site, says a reduction in demand for aggregates means there will be 1.5m tonnes of unworked reserves left by the 2005 deadline.’
    • ‘Characteristically his sculpture is made of junk material or rough, unworked wood.’
    unprocessed, untreated, unpurified, crude, raw, natural, plain, coarse, rough, unprepared, unmilled, unfinished
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