Definition of unwomanly in English:



  • Not having or showing qualities traditionally associated with women.

    ‘initiative of any overt sort was considered unwomanly’
    • ‘She had thought that since she was so unwomanly, that she wouldn't know how to dress the part of her native people.’
    • ‘So you are only criticizing women when they do unwomanly things.’
    • ‘She was inclined to believe her, what with their unwomanly behavior in his presence.’
    • ‘She points out that early 20th-century African American writers felt that repudiating accusations of unmanly and unwomanly sexual behavior ‘was crucial to black people's changing their subjugated social status’.’
    • ‘However the unwomanly freedom they enjoy in the public, commercial realm of the city only confirms the cultural connection between domesticity and chastity, between the walls of the household and the sealed-off female body.’
    • ‘Although none of her duties are unwomanly, Enid's nursing threatens the conventions of small-town life.’
    • ‘She also wrote in what must have seemed at the time in an unwomanly way, not being emotionally involved with her characters.’
    • ‘The pursuit of education and a career is secondary and may even be perceived as ‘un-Greek’ or unwomanly.’
    • ‘So the sort of events that were acceptable for women were things like croquet and tennis, because they wouldn't sweat and get terribly hot and look unwomanly.’
    • ‘She wished to hide her face in her book, but feared to look unwomanly, so played with her gloves instead, looking down.’
    • ‘The other side of the bind is that competitiveness has traditionally been viewed as unwomanly.’
    • ‘He uses contemporaneous notions of gender as a way of naturalizing positive and negative character qualities as manly or unmanly, womanly or unwomanly.’
    • ‘In the other beating scenes, unwomanly behavior - both Orlean's and his mother's physical attacks against Baptiste - contributes to the hero's loss of self-control.’
    • ‘There's a huge underlying feeling/history in a lot of cultures that to be intellectually sharp and independent is somehow unwomanly.’
    • ‘She was an independently minded sister of a convent in Mexico, who drew criticism from the ecclesiastical hierarchy for the supposedly unwomanly nature of her celebrated poetry.’
    • ‘I wonder if it would be unwomanly behavior if I began to play with my utensils.’
    • ‘He thought it was such an unwomanly, tomboy thing.’
    • ‘Less concerned with the standing of Belle Cora than with the legitimacy of the vigilantes' supporters, however, Gertrude accused the pro-vigilante women of being unchristian, uncharitable, and unwomanly.’
    • ‘But having castigated male behavior, she drew back from such unwomanly outrage.’
    • ‘You don't think that's unwomanly of me, do you?’
    mannish, manlike, unfeminine, unladylike, amazonian
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