Definition of unwithered in English:



  • Not withered.

    • ‘In 1925, it was discovered that commercial grade tea could be produced from unwithered tea leaves if they were first shredded using a tobacco cutter, and today the CTC (crush, tear, curl) machine is widely used.’
    • ‘Choose eggplants that feel heavy with smooth, taut, unblemished skin and fresh-looking unwithered green stalks.’
    • ‘Although the body is deteriorated, the garland, which symbolized his glories, remains unwithered.’
    • ‘We hope that the undergrowth of limitations is sparse enough to let the flowers of Oz grow unwithered.’
    • ‘The rolling of unwithered leaf leads to breaking them up into small flakes, which would not respond to the subsequent processing steps and produce unacceptable teas.’
    • ‘Instead of air-drying, the unwithered leaves are merely steamed.’
    • ‘Eliot, looking unwithered in the rain, was working the voters of the Upper East Side, handing out his fliers and hoping to chat with anyone who recognized him.’
    firm, fresh, unwilted
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