Definition of unwished in English:



  • Not wanted or desired.

    ‘the treatments have unexpected and unwished-for side effects’
    • ‘The invention relates to a process for biological and/or physical elimination of unwished water components from water by means of flooded biofilm reactors and a plant for application of the process.’
    • ‘The worldly understanding of suffering brings only loathing, ageing, illness and death, which are all unwished for and unwanted.’
    • ‘But in a way it feels that Oxford has had more of an (unwished for) adventure.’
    • ‘Accidents and other unwished for things will happen and we cannot protect our loved ones from them, no matter how careful we may be and how much we advise them to be careful.’
    • ‘Yes, the messages that have been in the unwished email folder for longer than 7 days are automatically deleted.’