Definition of unwired in English:



  • 1Using wireless technology.

    ‘photosharing between computers on wired and unwired networks’
    • ‘The Portland, Ore.-Vancouver, Wash. area was the most unwired area, according to the survey.’
    • ‘Seattle is now the most unwired city in America, according to Intel Corporation's third annual ‘Most Unwired Cities’ survey released today.’
    • ‘If the population is moving inexorably towards unwired communications, this is their only sensible move.’
    • ‘This unwired new world of advertising lies not too far in the future, according to the CEO and CTO of San Francisco-based Tranz-Send Broadcasting Network.’
    • ‘It's an image designed to warm the heart of the most hardheaded wireless service provider: live TV delivered to millions of handsets via streaming media, the ultimate application of the unwired age.’
    • ‘Understanding this and providing adequate bandwidth - wired or unwired - weren't the only hurdles.’
    • ‘America's coffee capital, Seattle, is now the most unwired US city, having surpassed last year's winner San Francisco, the high-tech jewel at the tip of Silicon Valley.’
    • ‘There's also a software program that lets you switch quickly between wired and unwired network connections, which can also save power.’
    • ‘If companies like Classic walk away from their systems or can't compete, all of a sudden the unwired market, which already belongs to the DBS providers, becomes much larger.’
    • ‘You want to go wireless, but you want to manage the unwired parts of your network as well as you manage the wired parts-maybe even better.’
    • ‘This streaming server application comes from NullSoft, the makers of WinAmp, and as an ET reader wrote about recently, it works well for streaming audio to both wired and unwired clients.’
    • ‘So, independent of network technology we can define 3 categories of unwired usage.’
    • ‘The major network trend is wireless, so we need a new class of unwired clients.’
    • ‘Here's a handy list of ‘cool’ things to do unwired.’
    • ‘There's no PC Card slot, of course, but with analogue modem, wired Ethernet and unwired 802.11 available, we don't need one.’
    • ‘They outlined Allen's grandiose vision of the wired and unwired world inside the home all strung together through the cable wire.’
    • ‘A study funded by Advanced Micro Devices released Wednesday found that the gap between the wired and unwired is expanding across economic and social lines that differ throughout the world.’
    • ‘If your media server will be tucked into a closet somewhere to quietly go about the business of serving up content and files for all PCs - wired and unwired - then quite a bit of cost-cutting becomes possible.’
    • ‘The most unwired city in Germany is Salzgitter, followed by Mülheim an der Ruhr and Hagen.’
    • ‘While my trusty D-Link router had worked well in the simpler environs of my suburban home, the more complex setup and the proximity of my equally unwired neighbors required stronger medicine.’
  • 2Not using or able to use the Internet.

    ‘with plenty of voters still unwired, there are also questions about the digital divide’
    • ‘She, for example, found most of her newly unwired subjects gradually accepted using their phones in public.’
    • ‘Missing out on the most popular movement of the 1990s didn't seem to bother the unwired survey respondents.’
    • ‘And among the unwired, there is a strong correlation between disinterest in the Internet and disinterest in politics.’
    • ‘Sometimes I say to my unwired friends that I've been ‘talking’ to someone, and they assume - perhaps reasonably - that I've met them.’
    • ‘That's great for ‘we the people’ who own computers, but it leaves out the unwired population.’
    • ‘The second measure to bring infotech to the unwired masses is to just do it: give IT to them - computers, web-phones, satellite and fiber-optic links, the works - at low cost, if not for free.’
    • ‘Printing paper copies of electronic newsletters for the unwired to pick up at church helps to keep everyone in the loop.’
    • ‘I think he's the only person I know who's deeply, deeply unwired.’
    • ‘As with unwired poets and their love of their pens or their portable typewriters, every open terminal manifests another episode of the one long writing.’
    • ‘His claim is that no part of our lives is more media-supersaturated than our sports lives, and thus unless you live in an unwired hole, sports just doesn't come fresh anymore.’