Definition of unwinkingly in English:



  • See unwinking

    • ‘They were great gleaming disks that stared unwinkingly, luminous, whitish, and without a hint of normal emotion or sanity.’
    • ‘The loss, he explains unwinkingly, was outrageous: ‘It was merely because we were so shockingly superior that we were inevitably shockingly overconfident.’’
    • ‘Perched on an exposed bough overhanging the water, he gazes unwinkingly at the water below.’
    • ‘Greater than even this is his merit, if he at the same time pays attention to mindfulness, and remains unwinkingly vigilant.’
    • ‘One is to be performed with a black curtain across the proscenium arch with holes cut in it so that the actors can shout their lines unwinkingly at the audience.’