Definition of unwieldiness in English:



  • See unwieldy

    • ‘And last week the idea of positioning it using an RAF Chinook was abandoned when bad weather and the sheer unwieldiness of the cargo defeated the airlift.’
    • ‘That fear became an even greater factor when, due to African resistance and rebellion and the unwieldiness of slave-run plantation industrialisation, the slave trade was abolished in 1807.’
    • ‘The first study showed that birds with long bills spend proportionally more time scratching with their feet than do birds with short bills, presumably as compensation for the unwieldiness of long bills.’
    • ‘The company has struggled for years to prove that synergies among branches justify the inherent unwieldiness of a far-flung conglomerate.’
    • ‘Despite the word's unwieldiness, then, I would propose that mimesis and anti-mimesis confront each other-optically, materially, figuratively-in Triptyque through a logic of ‘photo-scotomization.’’