Definition of unwieldily in English:



  • See unwieldy

    • ‘This is the approach that he takes in assembling the somewhat unwieldily titled Intoxication: Heathcliff on Powell Street.’
    • ‘Ending the first section with an unwieldily titled essay called ‘Sam Clemens and G. S. Weaver; Hank Morgan and Mark Twain: An Essay on Books and Reality,’ he shows connections between Twain's thought and the nineteenth-century ideas of phrenology and earlier theories of the bodily humors.’
    • ‘TWW's start up music, first used in 1958, was the unwieldily titled ‘South Wales and the West Television March’.’
    • ‘One of the reasons things have gotten unwieldily is that the replace function is not being used.’
    • ‘However, it's still only on big rear projection sets which are rather unwieldily huge and expensive.’