Definition of unwholesomeness in English:



  • See unwholesome

    • ‘They may recognize unwholesomeness when it is coarse, but not when it is more subtle.’
    • ‘Mantras counted on these beads serve to clear away obstacles, such as illness and other calamities, and purify one of unwholesomeness.’
    • ‘But as with any positive idea, there is simultaneously the potential for unwholesomeness, a shadow side, where caution is necessary and where there is tremendous potential for abuse.’
    • ‘It may be felt that, since accumulations of wholesomeness and unwholesomeness in the past condition ones actions, speech and thoughts today, one would be a helpless victim of these accumulated conditions.’
    • ‘While he was the foil to the unwholesomeness of Thorton's mall Santa in this film, here he gets to let loose as a foul-mouthed elf that incredibly almost rivals Thorton's vulgar performance.’