Definition of unwholesomely in English:



  • See unwholesome

    • ‘For one thing, just as the protagonists are fetishistically attached to cinematic images, Isabelle and Theo are no less unwholesomely attached to one another, and this very attachment is yet another attachment to an image.’
    • ‘There's something unwholesomely endearing here, and her portrayal is rather like the sound of nails on a chalkboard come to life.’
    • ‘Nathan and Carrie are the future king and queen of the prom, an unwholesomely attractive couple who take any issue, from jealousy to unwanted pregnancy, with good-natured partying aplomb.’
    • ‘In 1883, a social reformer complained that ‘the cities grow, unwholesomely crowding people together till they are packed in tiers, family above family, so are they [also] unwholesomely separated in the country.’’
    • ‘Her first feature, La Ciénaga, or The Swamp, exuded a fetid, toxic atmosphere: a film on the verge of swooning, overcome by its own unwholesomely sensual fumes.’