Definition of unwholesome in English:



  • Not characterized by or conducive to health or moral well-being.

    ‘the use of the living room as sleeping quarters led to unwholesome crowding’
    • ‘If people aren't careful, there is a temptation to substitute loving relationships for something which is unwholesome.’
    • ‘Most people have a pretty good idea of what constitutes a healthy lifestyle, and yet we are all guilty of making the same unwholesome choices.’
    • ‘By now you will have realised that the Mount St Cemetary has been overrun by hordes of stoners, underage whores, paedophiles, corporate types, necrophiliacs, and other unwholesome sorts, not to mention vampires.’
    • ‘The main reason for all these unwholesome events and relations have been the dispute over Kashmir problem, which has remained oscillating for this whole time between them.’
    • ‘The same author comments that quail were not eaten much in classical times, apparently because they were thought to be unwholesome because of eating poisonous plants such as hellebore.’
    • ‘Out of the unwholesome cauldron of junk science, they have conjured up lawsuits over something called ‘toxic mold.’’
    • ‘Given the overall deftness of direction and performance, one expects Irma Vep to be a highlight of the season - good, unwholesome larky fun.’
    • ‘Like a lot of lefties spooked by recent unwholesome political successes by the American right, I'm angry and feeling rhetorically confrontational these days, but violence is not the way to express it.’
    • ‘What this unwholesome alliance produced at the Javits Center was an unrestrained wallow in sentimentality and anti-development attitudes.’
    • ‘Their teacher-pupil relationship has the air of someone imparting unwholesome, faintly dangerous but thrillingly forbidden truths: a course in deflowerment in which the pupil must first be deflowered.’
    • ‘Unlike the professional legislators in Washington, they are also more likely to hold regular jobs and feel the bite of any unwholesome laws they enact.’
    • ‘It may be too much to ask film makers to tell the most complete, unwholesome aspects of a story.’
    • ‘Meditation simply means cultivating a wholesome and sane habit, which becomes an antidote for the unwholesome, confused, destructive habits that we have developed.’
    • ‘Several faculty members began to suspect there was something unwholesome about his relationship with Keith.’
    • ‘Perhaps they have - although, as Sierra Leone showed this year, the arms trade is still its secretive, unwholesome self - but if lessons have been digested can they ever answer the conundrum posed by risk-aversion?’
    • ‘‘I was drawn to the extremity in a slightly unwholesome way,’ she says.’
    • ‘By this theory, we are at the Pavlovian mercy of the food industry, which spends nearly $10 billion a year advertising unwholesome junk food and fast food.’
    • ‘They are often given irregular, inadequate and unwholesome food supplies, and often no money for fuel, and are expected to dish up something six days a week and wipe out the 50 per cent malnutrition among children.’
    • ‘There is nothing unwholesome about excelling or about making a profit.’
    • ‘Whether you like it for not, Harry Potter is here to stay, and although parents may have a few concerns that it is unwholesome to make magic and spells fashionable, at least they know where their kids are, and what they are doing.’
    unhealthy, noxious, poisonous
    improper, immoral, indecent, corrupting, depraving, salacious, subversive, exploitative
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