Definition of unwetted in English:



  • Not wetted.

    • ‘Re-wetting of one half of the residues increased uptake more than 9-fold and more than 11-fold whereas the penetration was only 5% for the unwetted residues of the same leaf.’
    • ‘The behavior of a Stockmayer fluid in unwetted slit and cylindrical capillaries is discussed and compared to that of a Lennard-Jones fluid.’
    • ‘If there is no liquid presence in the vessel, thus the PSV must be designed based on unwetted surface area, ie gas expansion due to fire-refer API RP 520 Part 1 for the formulae.’
    • ‘It showed up that the coating remained unwetted to a large extent and kept its white appearance.’
    • ‘Experiments from a few days ago showed me that the soil surface was sensibly colder than the surrounding, unwetted soil far after and visible trace of the water disappeared.’