Definition of unwelcoming in English:



  • 1Having an inhospitable or uninviting quality.

    ‘Jean crept into her cold and unwelcoming bed’
    • ‘Kim and her husband have hopped from one suburb in western Sydney to another, leaving behind neighbourhoods which they see as unsafe or unwelcoming.’
    • ‘But, while this description might seem unwelcoming, students see positive aspects to the studio's location as well.’
    • ‘Let's keep the unattractive, empty warehouses on the river front and make the city as unwelcoming as possible to stop the invasion of these pesky incomers.’
    • ‘She, who lives in Longcroft Road, says she is now forced to make long detours to visit friends on the other side of town, sometimes along dark and unwelcoming back roads.’
    • ‘Oddly enough, both restaurants are hidden off a main street, forcing the dining party to boldly walk through a small, rather unwelcoming alley.’
    • ‘Her country-inspired contemporary furniture is the perfect choice for anyone put off by the unwelcoming minimalism of most modern design.’
    • ‘The social costs of our unwelcoming attitude to migrants may also be considerable.’
    • ‘The Merseyway shopping centre, which was built over the River Mersey in the 1960s, and the large unwelcoming bus station are both likely to be substantially revamped.’
    • ‘The iron rice bowl was broken after China began economic reforms in 1979, but the system has stayed in place, spitting out athletes past their prime into an unwelcoming society.’
    • ‘The room was bare and unwelcoming, her surroundings felt cold and eerily quiet.’
    • ‘Namibia's barren and unwelcoming coastlines served as a natural deterrent to the ambitions of European explorers.’
    • ‘We had been in New York for about two weeks, living with relatives among their unwelcoming plastic-covered couches and receding smiles.’
    • ‘Her huge house was lonely and unwelcoming at night.’
    • ‘Instead she has now invested in some dog treats so Tip will be tucking into them this Yuletide in a home that is a world away from the unwelcoming place where he began life.’
    • ‘At first I thought Minnesota was going to be some very remote place, unwelcoming and inhospitable.’
    • ‘I have never visited a country more unwelcoming to foreigners than England, probably the most xenophobic one in the European Union.’
    • ‘It details every stage in the painstaking process of lifting a damaged, nuclear-armed submarine off the seabed in one of the most unwelcoming stretches of water in the world.’
    • ‘Requiring English for driver's licenses and other state business, he says, is unwelcoming and would shut immigrants out of government services.’
    • ‘Belief remains that, despite the unwelcoming financial climate, someone will pick up this club and invest their time and money in giving it some sort of life.’
    • ‘I paused at the small shop frontage from where some of the taxis are commanded, but it looked very unwelcoming and I wasn't sure of getting any sort of answer, let alone a helpful one.’
    unfriendly, unsociable, unsocial, antisocial, unneighbourly, uncongenial, cool, cold, chilly, frosty, glacial, aloof, stand-offish, haughty, disdainful, distant, remote, indifferent, offhand
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    1. 1.1 (of a person or their expression) not friendly towards a guest or new arrival.
      ‘the unwelcoming look in his eyes’
      • ‘In Ellen Foster, her title character finds true fostering not in the house of her abusive father or unwelcoming relatives but in the home of her African American friend Starletta.’
      • ‘The bus appeared as it had the day before, driven by the same man and containing the same unwelcoming passengers.’
      • ‘It is not our tradition to be unwelcoming towards our fellow Inuit.’
      • ‘‘You are uninvited Sash, get out now,’ I said warningly, striding over to where he sat and looking down on him with the most unwelcoming expression I could muster.’
      • ‘He is unwelcoming and continues to carouse with his friends while the new student tries to sleep or study.’
      • ‘Of course his many opinions are his own and he has every right to express them, but I do object to his chastising English people as unwelcoming.’
      • ‘Clandestine visits by the latter have, as at the Heights quarry, given the quarry management a decidedly unwelcoming attitude toward mineral collectors, and security guards are usually present.’
      • ‘Nontraditional faculty may have to work in a chilly or a downright hostile climate if some of their departmental colleagues are unwelcoming or uncomfortable around them.’
      • ‘The bar staff were similarly unwelcoming, however.’
      • ‘Cold, dark, quiet, unwelcoming, the bar staff are aloof and uninterested in the customers, save the taxi fare!’
      • ‘I could just be buying petrol and people would give you an unwelcoming glance.’
      • ‘The owners of this property have had their peace of mind destroyed and will now be very, very unwelcoming of strangers who just happen on the property.’
      • ‘He says time and again that it is not wrong to fear a young black man walking towards you with a North Face jacket, Timberland boots and an unwelcoming expression.’
      • ‘From Singapore to China to Japan, Britain is seen as a closed and class-ridden society, while the British are seen as predominantly white people who are cold, formal and unwelcoming to foreigners.’
      • ‘He was a notorious parasite and schnorrer, but few of his hosts were overtly unwelcoming, since he could be ingeniously vindictive in print, even when seeming to offer praise.’
      • ‘However, every glance she shot in his direction was greeted with a cold and unwelcoming stare.’
      • ‘What had promised to be a cozy stop for the night proved to be a wide, barren space with a few buildings forming a ring around the well and only a few unwelcoming people to populate it.’
      • ‘His gray eyes looked warm enough, but right now as they stared into her eyes, they were cold and unwelcoming.’
      • ‘But the real gems are those staffed by the indifferent and unwelcoming.’
      • ‘I would have been angry too, should somebody have left me with the impression that I was being unwelcoming to foreigners.’
      stiff, formal, stony, steely, flinty, wooden, impersonal, indifferent, unresponsive, unemotional, unfeeling, unsmiling, unenthusiastic, austere, distant, aloof, remote, reserved, unapproachable
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