Definition of unweighed in English:



  • (of goods) not weighed.

    • ‘Thus, we need not determine whether the evidence viewed in the light most favorable to the State was sufficient to support conviction, see State v. Dupont, 149 N.H.70, 78, but rather limit our review to the admissibility of the unweighed packets.’
    • ‘And Solomon left all the vessels unweighed from their exceeding number; the weight of the brass was not ascertained.’
    • ‘Russia, who tips the scales somewhere near the 1,000-pound mark, with her as yet unnamed, unweighed and unsexed cub who was introduced yesterday at the Bronx Zoo.’
    • ‘If one is heavier, it is the heavier marble, but if they balance, the remaining unweighed marble is the heavier one. beat me by a bit over a min’
    • ‘The upper wall 56 of the bin 54 for the unweighed feed f includes a flange 62 receiving the lower end of an upstanding conveyor generally designated 64.’
    • ‘Facilities should use only the following weight conversion factors to record and report on all unweighed waste that enters or leaves the facility.’
    • ‘If you want to mail an unweighed package it is $8.05.’
    • ‘In one case a pensioner paid nearly £300 for a quantity of fish which was unmarked, unlabelled, and unweighed - and only got his money back because of immediate action by police.’