Definition of unweariedly in English:



  • See unwearied

    • ‘The sportsman trains himself, dresses, and watches unweariedly, and loads and primes for his particular game.’
    • ‘Accompanied by a police escort, followed by a crowd, for 16 blocks down Broadway he gaily, grinningly, unweariedly clicked his heel- & toe.’
    • ‘At last, the guns and the thunder dropped off; the sun shone on the wet meadows; the air was scented with the breath of rejoicing trees and grass; and the river kept unweariedly carrying us on at its best pace.’
    • ‘I reverence the individual who understands distinctly what he wishes; who unweariedly advances, who knows the means conducive to his object, and can seize and use them.’
    • ‘She herself aspired unweariedly and was never daunted for long by her inability to attain her ideal.’