Definition of unwatchful in English:



  • Not alert or vigilant.

    ‘outside of the camera's unwatchful eye, officials could effortlessly suspend the constitution’
    • ‘He had made a feast for them and he had been unwatchful.’
    • ‘My delegation regrets that it took attacks of these magnitudes to shake us from our unwatchful sleep.’
    • ‘The hiring and unhiring of new employees was like an underhand rag-toss into the cyclone that was thrashing around just under his unwatchful eye.’
    • ‘We take it for granted that since we know it, we shall act on what we know; and because we do so take it for granted, we are unwatchful and as certainly forget it.’
    • ‘The authors make the point that it is very difficult to protect children, and that most cases where something has seriously gone wrong aren't done under the unwatchful eye of the state.’
    • ‘Either way, evil lurked within to snare the unwitting and unwatchful until brave souls rose up to cleanse it.’
    • ‘Despite all of the film's shortcomings, it's not terrible or unwatchful.’
    • ‘Controlled by the Cleveland and New York mobs, the casinos served the Cincinnati population under the unwatchful eye of lax and usually corrupt Kentucky law enforcement.’
    • ‘The great danger is that both people and arms could be smuggled under the unwatchful eyes of the Egyptians.’
    • ‘Women nationwide blame not only their Government for its unwatchful eye, but the international community for its indifference.’
    • ‘We often are made to feel the force of this truth, when we have been unwatchful, and some cross occurrence has tried our tempers.’
    • ‘Under the unwatchful helm of a writer-director and a co-screenwriter, however, the results are less than admirable and almost completely devoid of any comedic inspiration.’
    • ‘As the day approaches, we do not wish to be among those caught unawares and unwatchful.’
    • ‘And though such might not make him a legend, what cemented his icon status was the sheer volume of work he churned out under the unwatchful eyes of Cannon Films.’
    rash, unwise, careless, heedless, thoughtless, reckless, unthinking, imprudent, misguided, ill-advised, ill-judged, injudicious, impolitic, unguarded, foolhardy, foolish
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