Definition of unwary in English:



  • Not cautious of possible dangers or problems.

    ‘accidents can happen to the unwary traveller’
    ‘hidden traps for the unwary’
    • ‘The layers of mud all along the yet-to-be asphalted roads are soft and thick enough to either send an unwary rider into a skid or to send an asthmatic to hospital.’
    • ‘The addition of subsection is another dangerous trap for the unwary.’
    • ‘Haphazardly installed electrical wiring is common in many small private schools and can create fires or electrocute an unwary child or teacher.’
    • ‘Analysts made more money by touting stocks they knew were far overvalued than by providing accurate information to their unwary customers who depended on them.’
    • ‘The Forest of Dean has dangers enough for the unwary stranger, without these.’
    • ‘In the past, cults were not viewed as national security threats; they were more dangerous to unwary individuals who might succumb to the cult's influence.’
    • ‘It comes as a surprise to the unwary individual taxpayer.’
    • ‘Somewhere down-slope there is sure to be an unwary toddler, a brittle pensioner, or at the very least an expensive automobile.’
    • ‘With no water visible, this stretch of the canal will be a danger to the unwary walker and young children.’
    • ‘Both London and Los Angeles can be dangerous places for the unwary.’
    • ‘They'll use letters, postcards, telegrams, cars and whatever other technology is at hand to snare the unwary.’
    • ‘The computer's actual owner may not even know it's infected; some Web pages are designed to infect unwary visitors.’
    • ‘But with the increased acceptance of such activity, great danger lies for the unwary.’
    • ‘The unwary traveler in Beijing will, at selected stations, get that falling ‘into an abyss’ feeling as their feet hit the deck much later than expected.’
    • ‘The exposed live wires pose a great danger to unwary people, especially children who could touch these wires while playing.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, there is also a danger to unwary bystanders.’
    • ‘Amtrak food can only be adequately compared to the execrable fare that used to await unwary travellers at the highway service stations of my youth.’
    • ‘This whole process can be done invisibly to the user, so for the unwary, the dangers of transmitting it to others is very real.’
    • ‘The most troubling aspect of the present situation is the shaking down of unwary travelers by a government perfectly aware that if a fine is contested there will be no prosecution.’
    • ‘But as our experiences show, innocent fun can soon turn into danger for the unwary.’
    incautious, careless, thoughtless, unthinking, heedless, inattentive, unwatchful, unobservant, off-guard, off one's guard, absent-minded
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