Definition of unwalled in English:



  • (of a place) without enclosing or defensive walls.

    ‘Venice was an unwalled city’
    • ‘In 276 the towns of Gaul were still unwalled when, as a literary source tells us, the worst of the barbarian invasions yet saw the capture of fifty or sixty towns and their retaking by the Romans.’
    • ‘Inside the Torrione Dipinto was a loosely defined area known as the Prato di Camollia, an unwalled area flanking the Francigena.’
    • ‘An unwalled, conical straw shelter - the carbet - still dots the landscape and is reminiscent of Amerindian days.’
    • ‘No, the true opposite of a fort isn't an unwalled city.’
    • ‘A metal scaffolding framework was visible through the window frames, based on an unwalled area of the building, probably the garden the executive would be looking out on while working.’
    • ‘Decried by many Catholics, Ronsard among them, the edict gave royal permission to Protestants to gather, preach, and worship in unwalled cities and on the outskirts of walled cities, such as Paris.’
    • ‘It was the only unwalled part of the castle grounds.’
    • ‘Between the classrooms are covered but unwalled spaces that can be used as play and outdoor teaching areas.’
    • ‘Pueblo Benito was a big, unwalled plaza, until about 20 years before the end, when a high wall went up around the plaza.’