Definition of unventilated in English:



  • (of a room or space) not provided with fresh air.

    ‘dark and unventilated cargo holds’
    • ‘According to Kelly, his biographer, he was slowly being poisoned to death by low-level carbon monoxide, resulting from a lifetime of cooking over a charcoal in close, unventilated quarters.’
    • ‘Provide the recommended level of insulation under floors above unheated spaces, around walls in a heated basement or unventilated crawl space, and on the edges of slabs-on-grade.’
    • ‘Two technicians opened, sampled, transferred, weighed, and resealed approximately 110 pounds (fifty one-kilogram packs) of cocaine over a three-hour period in a 400 square foot unventilated room.’
    • ‘Studies indicate that inhalation of smoke from burning biomass fuels in unventilated indoor spaces accounts for more than 400,000 persons with COPD in the developing world.’
    • ‘Burning fuel in an enclosed or unventilated space (with no air vents, or windows or doors left open or ajar) is most likely to cause CO poisoning.’
    • ‘Be sure the placement of this vent will not exhaust dryer air to a window well, gas vent, chimney or any other unventilated area (such as attic or crawl space).’
    • ‘Household bleach should NEVER be mixed with detergent containing ammonia; fumes can be fatal particularly in an unventilated or enclosed area.’
    • ‘When left in an unventilated area, or worse yet in the back of a hot car or trunk, wet boots dry out too slowly, accelerating decay of the leather.’
    • ‘Outer walls and shower stalls leaked into unventilated cul-de-sac wall spaces.’
    • ‘On another occasion, the [air conditioner] had been turned off, making the temperature in the unventilated room well over 100 degrees.’
    • ‘Other times, the air-conditioning was turned off and the temperature in the unventilated room rose to well over 100 degrees.’
    • ‘For one terrifying evening, innocent people are forced to sit in an unventilated windowless room with a group of bodybuilders who have just guzzled cheap protein shakes.’
    • ‘Nobody wants a return to the bad old days in the 1980's/early 1990s when the cheapest wooden boarding house charged US $20 for a tiny unventilated room, and a room in one star hotel cost over $50.’
    • ‘Nineteen people suffocated in the back of an unventilated tractor-trailer last year as they tried to cross the border near Victoria, Texas.’
    • ‘The unventilated rooms are like furnaces during the day.’
    • ‘The question hung in unanswered silence, lingering like cigar smoke does in an unventilated room.’
    • ‘His studio was a small, unventilated area, and he used thinner and acetone to clean the brushes in the area.’
    • ‘Mold grows in moist, dark, unventilated environments, so you should be able to prevent that by making sure your garage stays dry, well-ventilated and not too dark.’
    • ‘I am not a doctor or a scientist but I can see that any germ will spread among a load of people crammed into an unventilated bus or train.’
    • ‘They swung into action after seeing 37 monkeys, suffering from ‘zoochosis’, confined to tiny barren cages in unventilated rooms.’
    stuffy, smoky, close, muggy, stale, fusty, airless, suffocating, stifling, oppressive
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