Definition of unvented in English:



  • 1Without a vent or outlet.

    ‘an unvented hot water cylinder’
    • ‘Space heaters are also classified as vented and unvented.’
    • ‘Use of an unvented gas appliance for space heating was associated negatively with toluene concentrations.’
    • ‘Because they are unvented and not permanently installed, these portable heaters are potentially more hazardous than options listed earlier.’
    • ‘Are there unvented stoves or heaters in the patient's home?’
    • ‘The high amounts of nitrogen oxides seem to be attributed to unvented heaters.’
    • ‘If central furnace/room heaters with flues are taken as the reference group, the relative risk for wall/floor heaters, both unvented and vented, is 13.’
    • ‘Across the world many people in developing countries use unvented stoves for their domestic cooking that burn smoky coal or wood and produce high levels of indoor pollution.’
    • ‘If you use an unvented natural gas, propane, or kerosene space heater, all the products of combustion, including water vapor, are exhausted directly into your living space.’
    • ‘The participants included 20 453 people born into homes with unvented coal stoves; 16 606 subsequently changed to stoves with chimneys.’
    • ‘If dizziness, drowsiness, chest pain, fainting, or respiratory irritation occurs while using an unvented heater, shut off the heater immediately and move the affected person to where he/she can breathe fresh air.’
    • ‘Using humidifiers, unvented heaters, and air conditioners in our homes has increased the chances of moisture forming on interior surfaces.’
    • ‘Check your local and state building codes and fire ordinances to see if you can use an unvented space heater, if you consider purchasing one.’
    • ‘Carbon dioxide is released through livestock respiration and manure decomposition, and by unvented heaters.’
    • ‘Heat was supplied by an unvented natural gas unit heater.’
    • ‘This carbonation results in dusty and weak surfaces and can occur when unvented heaters create high carbon dioxide environments.’
    • ‘Install the plastic ground cover as described above for an unvented crawl space.’
    • ‘Putting any of these calibers into a single shot with a longer, unvented barrel will increase velocity, bullet performance, accuracy and lethality.’
    • ‘Heating with gas appliances and cooking with gas ranges were the cheapest means for heating and cooking during previous times, and older unvented gas heaters are still commonly used as additional space heaters during the winter.’
    • ‘Throughout the world, nearly one billion people burn coal for heating and cooking in unvented ovens.’
    • ‘Never operate unvented fuel-burning appliances in any room with closed doors or windows or in any room where people are sleeping.’
  • 2(of strong emotion) not expressed.

    ‘unvented rage’