Definition of unvaryingly in English:



  • See unvarying

    as submodifier ‘they found her to be unvaryingly polite’
    • ‘More and more plainly as the years went by, it reflected disbelief in the nostrums of neo-liberal reform that every government, left or right, unvaryingly proposed to its citizens.’
    • ‘But it is unvaryingly supportive of the conservative patronising of the poor as unable to help themselves which characterises the bourgeois Left.’
    • ‘His seduction technique is unvaryingly frivolous, not to say unconvincing.’
    • ‘He was unique among the cheesecake artists: relentlessly competent and unvaryingly obsessed.’
    • ‘What he doesn't seem to count on is that even the most attentive audience will eventually lose interest in the unvaryingly high pace and become outright bored if you don't throw them a moment of peace to catch their breath.’