Definition of unvarnished in English:



  • 1Not covered with varnish.

    ‘unvarnished woodwork’
    • ‘One of the first aspects you can see upon arriving at the hostel is the raw, unvarnished timber that composes the various structures that speckle the area.’
    • ‘Yellow and orange sponge-painted walls are accentuated by unpainted, unvarnished wooden tables.’
    • ‘The camera enters a living room with scraps of wallpaper clinging to old plaster and dusty unvarnished floorboards.’
    • ‘Instead, he's worked with traditional materials and contrasting textures - unvarnished wood, raw silk - to create a style that is clearly modern, but remains richly Alpine in spirit.’
    • ‘Awareness of the smooth page clouds the difference between varnished and unvarnished oil paint, between opaque and transparent watercolour.’
    bare, plain, unpainted, unlacquered, unpolished, unfinished, untreated, raw, natural, matt
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  • 2(of a statement or manner) plain and straightforward.

    ‘please tell me the unvarnished truth’
    • ‘Another target of the conservatives is the CIA director, a professional without a national constituency, who provides unvarnished information to the president.’
    • ‘However, his very fragility serves to expose the child within the man, making for a sincere, unaffected, and genuine performance, unvarnished by conscious stage techniques.’
    • ‘They will give their unvarnished findings to the defense team.’
    • ‘He will contrast that alleged double-dealing with his unvarnished pledge to reduce the overall tax burden in the UK year on year on year.’
    • ‘If I am communicating to my readers exactly what the White House believes on any certain issue, that's reporting to them an unvarnished, unfiltered version of what they believe.’
    • ‘I wrote the essay over the past few hours without reading anything on the blogosphere, so it reflects my wholly unvarnished opinion.’
    • ‘Try Holiday Whistler where you will get not only a great choice of Whistler accommodation, but also an unvarnished and knowledgeable perspective on the advantages and disadvantages of each location.’
    • ‘By finding and posting the unvarnished documents that drive the news, the blogosphere helps us figure out if we're being snowed.’
    • ‘We have to rely on that person to give the unvarnished facts.’
    • ‘Yet the face-to-face confrontations - scowls, barbs and factual misstatements included - provide Americans their most unvarnished glimpses at the man they will elect commander in chief.’
    • ‘With his sharp, crisp, witty script, he deconstructs identity politics without ever dipping into the pedantic or falling prey to either easy sentimentality or unvarnished pathos.’
    • ‘There is, of course, a difference between doing favours for people you know and sheer, unvarnished corruption.’
    • ‘Such unvarnished compassion is as rare in movies as it is in real life.’
    • ‘Half truth that is branded with a recognized name and laminated to cover the cracks is rated more highly than unvarnished fact.’
    • ‘Because ultimately, the Scot is one of those unvarnished antagonists, a man whose endeavours have brought him a decent reward, but nothing more than you would expect for a rider prepared to risk being mangled and maimed by machinery.’
    • ‘They want plain, unvarnished statements from the government, not the latest output from the Merrion Street spin machine.’
    • ‘She stayed, briefly played peacemaker, and then let rip with a now infamous speech, in which she gave her unvarnished opinion of all her fellow celebrities.’
    • ‘Still, it offers a glimpse of Canada's (and particularly Edmonton's) unvarnished, mohawked past.’
    • ‘Reports of a nation humiliated because it has been reduced to choosing between a crook clinging to office and an unvarnished fascist are everywhere.’
    • ‘What do you need beyond talented performers and strong, unvarnished texts?’
    straightforward, plain, simple, stark, naked, bald
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