Definition of unvalued in English:



  • 1Not considered to be important or beneficial.

    ‘he felt unvalued’
    • ‘Some women will be annoyed if you step in too little, feeling abandoned and unvalued.’
    • ‘In a 1979 Chief Executive article, he defended the illicit trafficking of antiques, arguing that the black market fairly rewards art finders for artwork unvalued or poorly cared for by its country of origin.’
    • ‘I therefore answer the question posed in the preliminary issue by holding that the policy was an unvalued policy.’
    • ‘Appropriate policies can foster the development of markets for previously unvalued goods.’
    • ‘Although pleased to be kept on, I felt unwanted and unvalued.’
    • ‘Academics often complain that much of the time spent on research is ‘unseen’ and therefore unvalued, even though most of us are expected to spend a significant amount of time engaged in it.’
    • ‘She dismissed him as if he were her unvalued underling, but he knew better now.’
    • ‘A lot of what men and women say and do gets misinterpreted, and someone ends up feeling mis-understood, confused or unvalued.’
    • ‘I'm one of the fortunate oldies - everyone knows who I am and because I happen to be famous everyone is nice to me, but sadly this is not the case for the vast majority of older people, who can feel unvalued and invisible.’
    • ‘Depressed-aggressive suicide-murderers are likely to be people who feel unloved and unvalued, the very opposite of the New York firemen and self-sacrificing passengers aboard the fourth plane, scuppered in the Pennsylvania woods.’
    • ‘This is one of the most underused, unvalued, but powerful tools a company possesses.’
    • ‘Unpaid care work is economically invisible, unrewarded and unvalued, yet the personal relationships forged in unpaid care work - with our partners, our children, our parents - are the bedrock of our personal and social lives.’
    • ‘Some might say you can't and shouldn't; yet when the market economy expresses wealth only through money, such intangibles which are unaccountable can easily not count and, unvalued, are quickly lost to society.’
    • ‘Pity the poor peppered moth: unvalued for itself, exploited as a weapon by Darwinists in their battle with Creationists, and in the even more acrimonious civil wars of evolutionists.’
    • ‘Instead, such innovations fail to be adopted because they go largely unnoticed and unvalued.’
    • ‘The shaming message of Bhopal is that those unvalued in life are worth just as little in death.’
    uncared-for, unwanted, friendless, unbeloved, uncherished
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  • 2archaic Not valued or appraised with regard to monetary worth.

    • ‘Many homes contained unvalued possessions that had been their property since the Victorian and Georgian days.’