Definition of unvalidated in English:



  • Not validated or proven to be accurate or true.

    ‘raw and unvalidated data’
    ‘an unvalidated user’
    • ‘But the researchers pointed out: ‘Only single randomised controlled trials for each of the tested interventions were available, most were of small sample size, and all used unvalidated symptom scores.’’
    • ‘Perhaps the FBI deleted these portions of the records simply because they contained slurs and daggers that were hearsay and undocumented, unvalidated rumors.’
    • ‘But I'll admit that dismissing a viewpoint solely because it comes from an academically unvalidated source does have advantages; it unburdens one of the need to counter or even understand what is being said.’
    • ‘Also there is the assumption that there is a linear relationship between the number of foxes and the amount of damage they do, which is entirely unvalidated.’
    • ‘Wikipedia has made it more difficult for such detective work to be performed in the future, as the site now requires a 30 second log-in procedure to create an unvalidated user id, behind which libellers can shield their identity.’
    • ‘The problem, here, is that the continuation of your argument takes for granted unvalidated data.’
    • ‘Efforts to equate their degree of training, or the scientific basis of their practice, with that of the designated primary care specialties puts the public at risk of receiving unvalidated and non-evidence based primary care.’
    • ‘In the case of critical care trials, the question whether RCTs should include a control group representing the unvalidated standard of care raises complex scientific and ethical issues that call for careful assessment and judgment.’
    • ‘However, only single randomised controlled trials for each of the tested interventions were available, most were of small sample size, and all used unvalidated symptom scores.’
    • ‘Noting that most researchers focus on childhood, adolescence or old age, he has long argued that faulty knowledge and unvalidated premises have given people the wrong idea about what really happens in midlife.’
    • ‘There is certainly a place for advocacy, as long as it is not confused with science - and as long as public policy is informed by the best scientific information available, rather than by unvalidated beliefs, however passionately held.’
    • ‘Yet, he believes that even these preliminary, provisional, incomplete, unvalidated results, if taken in conjunction with the O'Leary / Wakefield researches, indicate the need for urgent action.’
    • ‘We have been unable to assess accurately how our results compare with those of other nations, although our data seem to compare favourably with unvalidated registry reports from North America and Europe.’
    • ‘After the appearance of a further 15 unvalidated instruments they stopped counting.’
    • ‘Because the cause of chronic fatigue syndrome has not been identified and its effect on the body is not well understood, periodically new unvalidated beliefs about cures and causes of chronic fatigue syndrome are widely circulated.’
    • ‘But a real, informed choice is needed about all screening - not simply for the amount of evidence or value for time and money, but also about the real risk of false positives and false negatives in unvalidated and unproven tests.’
    • ‘The party would be accused of spinning if it released unvalidated data for March.’
    • ‘This simply reiterates an unvalidated tradition; it would not withstand peer review in any reputable journal if newly invented.’
    • ‘The trial can easily be criticised, not least for having an unvalidated outcome measure.’
    • ‘Second, using an unvalidated test as a primary outcome limited the assessment of the intervention.’