Definition of unutterably in English:



  • See unutterable

    as submodifier ‘Juliet felt unutterably weary’
    • ‘But this one combines his growing sense of time with a subtly mutated idiom in an unutterably cute three-word package.’
    • ‘He says: ‘It is unutterably beautiful in the summer.’’
    • ‘I merely found myself walking in a forest, half-clad, footsore, unutterably weary and hungry.’
    • ‘It is, of course, unutterably scandalous that journalists should not attack public figures based on inaccurate reporting of anonymous sources and when found out, to fail to verify their reporting and apologize.’
    • ‘But once you are on terra firma, you will realise that this island is an almost perfect French creation - unutterably stylish, slightly pretentious and peculiarly French (despite being in the Caribbean).’