Definition of unusable in English:



  • Not fit to be used.

    ‘the steps were overgrown and unusable’
    • ‘It is great to have expansive fields around the school, but unfortunately in wet weather they become unusable for some time.’
    • ‘Some ranchers found that water became unusable after seismic testing alone.’
    • ‘Most of the equipment was unusable because of damage and contamination but some was sent away for sterilisation.’
    • ‘Twenty years ago this land was unusable and uninhabited, its soil burdened by a high degree of aluminium toxicity.’
    • ‘The booking office at the station has been attacked twice and the stairwell on the northbound platform has been wrecked leaving it unusable.’
    • ‘This should eliminate the possibility of deliberate arsons because the timber is unusable three years after the fire.’
    • ‘It's completely unacceptable that CD-Rs become unusable in less than two years.’
    • ‘Lack of maintenance and removal of parts from older ships made them potentially dangerous and often unusable during a war.’
    • ‘Four times now, I have accidentally rendered the site unusable.’
    • ‘The mere rumour of a landmine can render a community's fields unusable.’
    • ‘Northwest Airlines refused to make refunds for the unusable tickets.’
    • ‘The test was designed to simulate what would happen if their offices became unusable in the event of a wide-scale power loss or crowd trouble.’
    • ‘Often the mines have been laid in agricultural land, making it unusable and so a jungle grows up, making the mines even more difficult to find.’
    • ‘Vandals have badly damaged seafront steps, leaving them unusable.’
    • ‘Industry standards dictate that the 2000 survey figures are unusable and out of date.’
    • ‘This extension to the route is unusable for wheelchair users.’
    • ‘In their place are holes, which easily fill up with rainwater rendering them almost unusable.’
    • ‘I absolutely hate it when installing something screws your PC up so much that it is unusable.’
    • ‘When I bought the place, it was open to the sky and there were ferns and trees growing there - it was just an unusable and unpassable area.’
    • ‘Windows in each classroom are at a height of 1.8m and thus are rendered unusable for fire escape.’
    futile, pointless, purposeless, impractical, vain, in vain, to no purpose, to no avail, unavailing, bootless, nugatory, hopeless, ineffectual, inefficacious, impotent, fruitless, unprofitable, profitless, unproductive, unachievable, sisyphean
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