Definition of untwist in English:



  • Open or cause to open from a twisted position.

    with object ‘he untwisted the wire and straightened it out’
    • ‘Treatment involves an operation to untwist the testicle and then to fix it in position, to prevent it from becoming twisted again.’
    • ‘I manage to maintain a stoic face, when I reach up to the smoke alarm installed in their upstairs hallway and proceed to untwist it while explaining that smoke alarms need to have their batteries changed at least once a year.’
    • ‘For example, in one Horton exercise, the dancer goes from standing to sitting to lunging to standing, as the spine twists and untwists, the legs straighten and bend, and the pelvis tips forward and back and around.’
    • ‘A length of coloured or colourless plastic that has been cut in a corkscrew, spiral style meaning you can untwist it and wrap it around your cables keeping them together.’
    • ‘If that doesn't cause the ovary to die, it can be untwisted surgically to save the organ.’
    • ‘She kept playing with the tied hair, twisting some around then untwisting it.’
    • ‘I untwisted the straps on my yellow tank top and yawned.’
    • ‘Once the hair dries, remove rods, untwist the sections, and run fingers through them to shape.’
    • ‘When dried and untwisted the creases gave the effect of masses of small pleats.’
    • ‘Gently, she untwisted her curls and whispered a short word.’
    • ‘During a typical round of golf, you will twist and untwist your back muscles more than 200 times.’
    • ‘Next Bailey wet the weave, put it into two-strand twists, then untwisted them after they dried under a dryer.’
    • ‘Once you talk about it, you can untwist all the kinks.’
    • ‘Surgery is needed to untwist the cord and save the testicle.’
    • ‘We show in particular that untwisting a DNA molecule enables a fast start of RecA polymerization, even if the applied external force is far below the 65 pN overstretching threshold.’
    • ‘Whenever I grab my iPod headphones and have to untangle or untwist the cord, I end up with the right-side bud in my left hand, and vice versa.’
    • ‘Put a thumb on the cork, untwist and loosen the wire muzzle.’
    • ‘If extensive bowel is ischemic because of the volvulus, the bowel is untwisted and simply reduced into the abdominal cavity, and the abdominal wound is closed.’
    • ‘When she was on her feet again, she quickly untwisted her dress and set her hair straight before she offered her hand to him in a handshake.’
    • ‘An annual climber, every day at least one flower untwists to show the colour of a rainwashed blue sky, and by the evening it curls up again, reverting to a darkening purple.’
    untwine, disentwine, disentangle, unravel, unsnarl, unwind, unroll, uncoil, unreel, undo, spread out, unfurl, open, open out, lay out, straighten, straighten out, unkink
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