Definition of untwine in English:



  • Make or become unwound or untwisted.

    with object ‘Robyn untwined her fingers’
    • ‘She untwined the blanket from her legs and got up, walking to the washroom.’
    • ‘I looked up at him to ask him to untwine his arms.’
    • ‘He set me down gently on my bed and untwined my arms from around his neck.’
    • ‘Hydrogen bonds are the perfect strength to hold DNA together under most situations, but are weak enough to form and break readily to enable DNA to untwine for replication.’
    • ‘Only then could I reach the tangle, which I simply untwined before sliding down the rope to the deck.’
    untwist, disentwine, disentangle, unravel, unsnarl, unwind, unroll, uncoil, unreel, undo, spread out, unfurl, open, open out, lay out, straighten, straighten out, unkink
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