Definition of untutored in English:



  • Not formally taught or trained.

    ‘the species are all much the same to the untutored eye’
    • ‘The only feature apparent to the untutored eye is Hartebeespoort, a dark blue splodge in the upper centre, with the edges of Pretoria apparently sneaking in at upper right.’
    • ‘Moreover, it is often difficult to tell that a counterproof was taken from a pastel, because to the untutored eye the original pastel's surface remains largely unaffected.’
    • ‘Not an untutored brawl, mind you, but a fair fight between very skillful gentlemen, carried out in strict accordance with rules, both written and unwritten.’
    • ‘To the untutored layman's eye, it almost appears contradictory.’
    • ‘But even to the untutored eye, his work is special.’
    • ‘Although his voice is still young and at times untutored, he does mesmerize as in Get Your Shine On.’
    • ‘The differences are so obvious to the untutored eye that it is impossible to believe that anyone ever considered the fake documents to be anything but forgeries.’
    • ‘Even to the untutored eye, the older ones look better.’
    • ‘An untutored if essentially tuneful vocalist, he seems to actively encourage the cracks and flaws that appear whenever he reaches above or below his natural range.’
    • ‘Answerable only to themselves, the uniformed militia nonetheless provided the only martial experience for thousands of otherwise untutored citizen-soldiers who would volunteer for the next war.’
    • ‘It is not the local art establishment but the untutored public, the people we art professionals are always trying to convince to walk in the door, which poses the biggest challenge.’
    • ‘In this context, anthropological linguists working on southeastern Indian languages and cultures will have reservations about his untutored approach to semantic analysis.’
    • ‘We've always argued about America a lot, whether her immigrant perceptions were always valid or sometimes just the untutored observations of an outsider.’
    • ‘It was undoubtedly the job of the national security adviser to set the priorities for a new president in his first weeks and months in office, particularly for a president as untutored in foreign affairs as him.’
    • ‘He was untutored and a little old for a beginning dancer.’
    • ‘Unlike scribes, persons who were involved in printing were crude and untutored - frequently German interlopers taking work from Italian scribes.’
    • ‘With the lecture, the focus, inevitably, fell squarely on the anthropologist with his pointer, but it's a misconception that the 1921 film cedes authorial control to untutored and unself-conscious primitives.’
    • ‘But to my medically untutored mind, operations seem at least as idiosyncratic in their success and effects, and thus harder for markets to monitor in quality.’
    • ‘I thought about capturing the political conflict through the untutored vision of a child.’
    • ‘He was the antithesis of the archetypal young black man, particularly as those seen though pre-1994 racist eyes as being illiterate, arrogant, uncouth and untutored.’
    uneducated, untaught, unschooled, ill-educated, untrained
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