Definition of untunefully in English:



  • See untuneful

    • ‘After a dozen golden oldies had been sung loudly if untunefully, it was noticed that a number of non-MEOSA guests had fled the premises.’
    • ‘After proper voice classification (click here to access a description of this procedure), many inexperienced singers who might have been singing untunefully in the first session of choir or music class will automatically begin to match pitch in a day or two.’
    • ‘The second act I saw was a young teenager who played electric guitar with a very aggressive style and sang untunefully.’
    • ‘What we got was fine, though the meal was disrupted by a man at a large table, who was sang loudly, untunefully and persistently over several hours.’
    • ‘I was astonished to find it actually contained a load of Germans singing untunefully and then a strangely familiar man shouting ‘Heil!’’