Definition of untuck in English:



[with object]
  • Free the edges or ends of (something) from being hidden or held in place.

    ‘Maud took out the pillow and untucked the counterpane’
    • ‘She just loosened the wrist buttons of her blouse, folding it up to her elbow and untucking it from her skirt.’
    • ‘Catching her breath and the bag, she placed her coffee on the table, and untucked her feet.’
    • ‘Undoing his tie, he shoved it into his pocket, untucking his shirt and rolling up its sleeves to his elbows.’
    • ‘‘I say we just go back to the dorms and relax before they do the new roommate lists,’ Tanner said, untucking his plaid overshirt.’
    • ‘He untucked his shirt, blew out his cheeks and high-fived with David.’
    • ‘She didn't look too happy as she untucked her damp shirt and wrung it out.’
    • ‘Before he could do anything else I untucked his shirt.’
    • ‘Afterwards, she untucked her long tunic and pulled it off.’
    • ‘While she had been reading, he had unbuttoned the dark green cotton shirt and untucked the tails from his jeans.’
    • ‘I knocked his hand away, untucked my shirt, pulled out the magazine and gave it to him.’
    • ‘He said: ‘The fact that we want to untuck our shirts in the clubhouse will not lead to a slipping of standards.’’
    • ‘Gently untuck your legs until you are in a layout position on your back looking up at the sky with both arms over your head.’
    • ‘He was surprised upon learning that he merely had to untuck the bedcovers to get under the blanket.’
    • ‘Lee's mom would not let her out of the house without it tucked in, but Lee untucked it as soon as she got out of the driveway.’
    • ‘He unbuttoned his shirt and untucked it from his pants.’
    • ‘I do think that untucking a traditional long-tailed dress shirt is a bit gauche, but most modern styles have either shorter shirttails or a flat bottom designed to hang out, so it's not much of a problem.’
    • ‘Controversy erupts between George and Jerry over whether Lupe, the chambermaid at their hotel, should tuck or untuck the sheets on their beds.’
    • ‘She untucked his shirt from his underpants.’
    • ‘Once the sides are evenly untucked, you can adjust the front and back of your shirt to your liking.’
    • ‘Then he removed his belt and untucked his shirt before blowing out the candles.’