Definition of untrodden in English:



  • (of a surface) not having been walked on.

    ‘untrodden snow’
    • ‘Its slopes are relatively untrodden, making it ideal for hikers who'd rather earn seclusion than bragging rights.’
    • ‘The rose garden will remain untrodden by boots other than those of the late lady's family and close friends.’
    • ‘His heroic effort has opened up a vast, untrodden realm for alphanumerical investigation.’
    • ‘Maybe we need to get down from our fancy cars and walk, explore those untrodden paths.’
    • ‘They keep walking, too, though he can't see them, a loose group of maybe fifty or sixty people, walking from nowhere to nowhere along untrodden paths, surrounded by the dusky forest that hisses at them but does not touch them.’
    • ‘They leave their homes, some barefoot, to join icy, sometimes untrodden trails through the Himalayas that line the border of the Tibet Autonomous Region of China and Nepal.’
    • ‘Shortly after the first Inauguration, he wrote: ‘I walk on untrodden ground.’’
    • ‘With the acceptance of his theory, ‘a grand untrodden field of inquiry will be opened’ in biology and natural history.’
    • ‘Ours is an untrodden field, into which the foot of science has seldom strayed; no historian has embodied our traditions, no poet has sought for inspiration in our groves.’
    • ‘A salute to a new label - Arcobaleno, of the EMS Music Group Belgium - for leading us down untrodden paths.’
    • ‘In his chapter on ‘The Proletarianization of Prometheus,’ however, he walks on untrodden and interesting ground.’
    • ‘He, who relinquished his executive's job in an insurance company to take the plunge into active politics, is keen on taking an untrodden path.’
    • ‘The photographs tell us that why we should brood over the murderous innocence of some water bodies when we have plenty of untrodden spots around us.’
    • ‘Indeed, he concluded, ‘I walk on untrodden ground.’’
    • ‘This is relatively untrodden territory, so you'll find the gorillas here much more elusive and nervous than their mountain counterparts.’
    • ‘The arrival of big game hunters in regions previously untrodden by Europeans was seen as the harbinger of civilisation.’
    • ‘Also, the kid's all-terrain stroller left calligraphic trails in the untrodden carpet.’
    • ‘Think there are no untrodden places left on earth?’
    impassable, unpassable, inaccessible, unnavigable, untraversable, pathless, trackless
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