Definition of untrimmed in English:



  • Not having been trimmed.

    ‘paths choked with untrimmed branches’
    ‘an Orthodox group who wear their sideburns untrimmed’
    • ‘You also remember when you found the snake in the untrimmed bushes, and it was your idea to get a stick and see if you could get it to come out.’
    • ‘In the early days of the revolution, all politicians, including presidential candidates, came out in untrimmed beards and military fatigues to publicise their revolutionary credentials.’
    • ‘A sunken garden to the west of the house was choked with untrimmed plants, its sunken pool brown and stagnant.’
    • ‘Like other Muslim leaders of the period, he was modestly dressed; he was also dusty from the journey, and his beard was untrimmed.’
    • ‘In the fundamentalist style, he keeps his hair cropped close and his beard long and untrimmed.’
    • ‘The tops may be left untrimmed and braided together.’
    • ‘They approached it slowly from the front, and ducked down so that they were hidden behind an untrimmed hedge in front of the house.’
    • ‘Another problem is that during rains, untrimmed branches are likely to fall on the road, endangering passing pedestrians and vehicles.’
    • ‘On this occasion the course was very dry and hard and the untrimmed greens showed signs of wear after the heavy weekend of competitions.’
    • ‘Also, make him knock a buck off the price since it's untrimmed.’
    • ‘If there is a ‘black spot’ in your neighbourhood - litter, unsightly weeds, untrimmed grass, an area in need of colour - a couple of volunteers spending an hour of their time can turn an eyesore into an attractive feature.’
    • ‘I read the American edition; this is handsomely produced, with the pages untrimmed on the right-hand side, a device which generates a nice sense of history.’
    • ‘His untrimmed beard was gray at the temples and ran in milky streaks below his chin.’
    • ‘I didn't want the unkempt, uncombed, untrimmed look that many of the long-haired men I saw were wearing.’
    • ‘As caretaker and gardener of Geraldton War Memorial he leaves no weeds unturned, stone unraked or bush untrimmed.’
    • ‘The edge of a book furthest from its back strip is the fore-edge and they can come uncut (pages that are stuck and need to be cut open) or untrimmed (the fore-edges of pages deliberately left uneven).’
    • ‘Now the Christchurch City Council Water Services Department policy is to leave the natural growth untrimmed and to encourage the planting of site-specific indigenous material that is locally sourced.’
    • ‘They said every man should have his head shaved and his beard untrimmed.’
    • ‘His deranged face was partly obscured by his untrimmed hair, revealing his riotous nature.’
    • ‘She inched farther back on the branch, and dug her untrimmed nails into the heavy bark.’