Definition of untrendy in English:



  • Not very fashionable or up to date.

    ‘his untrendy long hair’
    • ‘The spirit of hope may be untrendy in these cynical times but it needs to be celebrated occasionally.’
    • ‘One of them was wearing untrendy sneakers and we got in easily.’
    • ‘I'm far too untrendy to emulate my world renowned work mate.’
    • ‘The bread pudding is steadfastly untrendy.’
    • ‘It was an upbeat but terminally untrendy style that was never going to find favour in Britain, but he displayed an astute eye by wowing new audiences in untapped, unfashionable places.’
    • ‘Whenever I window shop in high-end department stores and stumble across the Lacroix section, I always end up disappointed because the clothes sold are just so messy (the design) and untrendy.’
    • ‘Most of the Abercrombie shirts and untrendy items are gone, and brilliant items have appeared.’
    • ‘Still, it's tomorrow's consumers who will have the greatest influence on the planet; on whether the landfill sites explode with all those sports bags discarded as untrendy long before the zippers break.’
    • ‘I always thought he was the apogee of untrendy, the zenith of non-cool.’
    • ‘Notice the associated lack of emotion, the dorky untrendy appearance and behaviour, physical weakness and obsessiveness that goes with these characters.’
    • ‘It featured a young-ish, untrendy, middle-class couple arguing over who owned the David Gray CD.’
    • ‘I found myself apologising for being so old and untrendy.’
    • ‘This untrendy middle-class haven, throbbing with ambition again, is an economic and political boon to New York City.’
    • ‘Riff-centric tracks like ‘The Operative’ and ‘Insomnia’ make judicious use of Amphetamine Reptile's back catalog - a satisfyingly untrendy decision.’
    • ‘As for all those thinking ‘I'm too old and untrendy to start snowboarding ’, they should heed the example of one of Graeme's students.’
    • ‘Just days after the owner is killed in the basement of terminally untrendy East Village restaurant Pop, the place shows up as one of the most popular restaurant searches at Citysearch.’
    • ‘His inspiration lies in the mouldy archives of American roots music, and his accomplished finger-picked guitar style is decidedly untrendy.’
    • ‘He always wore his defiantly untrendy glasses, and those heavy-weight specs - with lenses like front-room windows - became as much a hallmark of his premiership as his alleged habit of tucking his shirt into his underpants.’
    • ‘The notion that IT is geeky and untrendy tends to be formed around the age of 13 years and is very difficult to change later on in life.’
    • ‘The mainstream broadcasters are, without doubt, using the introduction of digital television as an excuse to drop a service, which they appear to see as a difficult and untrendy legacy of the previous century.’