Definition of untreated in English:



  • 1(of a patient, disease, or other condition) not given medical care.

    ‘untreated cholera can kill up to half of those infected’
    • ‘For this reason, one author has proposed that AMTDT only be used for untreated patients.’
    • ‘Heroin dependence remains a largely untreated medical condition in the United States.’
    • ‘He divided the number needed to treat by the prevalence of unrecognised or untreated disease.’
    • ‘If the patient is untreated by the time symptoms appear, the disease is nearly always fatal.’
    • ‘Therefore, we report the results of an MN assay for the first time in treated and untreated tuberculosis patients.’
    • ‘Women who have gonorrhea can develop serious complications if the infection is untreated.’
    • ‘For example, to show efficacy we could say that we must have untreated patients.’
    • ‘Babies with untreated diabetes insipidus cannot say when they are thirsty, which means they can have a severe shortage of water.’
    • ‘Little is known about the long-term prognosis of patients with untreated bulimia.’
    • ‘It is important to treat STIs, as untreated infections can have serious consequences, including infertility.’
    • ‘It is likely that many of these individuals have undiagnosed and untreated medical problems.’
    • ‘Use a very low utility estimate for the untreated disease state.’
    • ‘A femoral hernia can cause serious medical problems if left untreated, even if there are no troublesome symptoms to begin with.’
    • ‘If the infection is left untreated it may lead to pelvic pain, pain on intercourse or, occasionally, bleeding between periods.’
    • ‘The disease attacks the lungs and when left untreated, the disease kills the majority of those infected.’
    • ‘With monitoring, men have to live with the knowledge that they have untreated cancer and the risk of progression that in a few cases may be fatal.’
    • ‘Cardiomyopathy and heart failure usually lead to death in untreated patients before one year of age.’
    • ‘If the disease is untreated, the heart, brain and other organs can be damaged.’
    • ‘About half of all children who develop asthma will grow out of it, but left untreated asthma can cause permanent scarring of the airways.’
    • ‘Pain in cancer patients is often untreated among older and minority patients.’
    bare, plain, unpainted, unlacquered, unpolished, unfinished, raw, natural, matt
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  • 2Not preserved, improved, or altered by the use of a chemical, physical, or biological agent.

    ‘untreated sewage is pumped directly into the sea’
    • ‘Hazards can include jellyfish, cramp and hypothermia and sickness due to untreated sewage pollution.’
    • ‘He said he was amazed to hear there were areas where untreated sewage is getting into a river.’
    • ‘It also admitted that a drinking water fountain had been pumping out untreated industrial water for nine months.’
    • ‘It is a well-known fact that untreated sewage is the major cause of polluted rivers, the world over.’
    • ‘The Calder flows into the River Ribble near Clitheroe and carries untreated sewage for miles.’
    • ‘The untreated sewage was taken from a septic tank beside a public toilet and dispersed with a muck spreader.’
    • ‘It was unclean water, untreated sewage and uncollected rubbish.’
    • ‘He said the problem lay at Zwelitsha and the municipality was pumping raw untreated sewage into the Buffalo River.’
    • ‘Since then the sewage of more than half a million inhabitants has flowed untreated into the river.’
    • ‘The previous inspections found both boats were dumping sewage, food waste and untreated water into the ocean.’
    unprocessed, unpurified, crude, raw, natural, plain, coarse, rough, unworked, unprepared, unmilled, unfinished
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