Definition of untreatable in English:



  • (of a patient, disease, or other condition) for whom or which no medical care is available or possible.

    • ‘Many of the patients had rare and untreatable illnesses.’
    • ‘Predictive genetic testing is currently used mainly for untreatable conditions, such as Huntington's disease, or prenatal detection of serious genetic disorders such as cystic fibrosis.’
    • ‘It is usually an untreatable disease, and affected patients are rapidly forwarded to cardiac transplantation as soon the diagnosis is established through endomyocardial biopsy.’
    • ‘The patient's condition was untreatable and he sought hospice support.’
    • ‘The psychiatric evidence was that her medical condition was untreatable and that she would probably never have insight into/take responsibility for her murderous actions.’
    • ‘Diagnosing an untreatable illness is a bad moment, and explaining it to a patient is even worse.’
    • ‘When different germs trade resistances, you could end up with an untreatable disease.’
    • ‘Until now, clinics have been allowed only to screen embryos for untreatable conditions or conditions that affect children, such as Huntington's disease and cystic fibrosis.’
    • ‘Wisdom tooth removal is recommended if there is an otherwise untreatable disease, condition affecting the mouth, or extreme pain.’
    • ‘In the past few years several therapeutic advances underpinned by multiprofessional, site specialised team working have finally changed the view that advanced colorectal cancer is an untreatable disease.’
    • ‘This allows for the detention of potentially dangerous untreatable patients within the scope of the Human Rights Act.’
    • ‘This report describes a new therapeutic approach with a plausible mechanism of action in a severe and otherwise untreatable condition.’
    • ‘With expanding medical expectations, and ever expanding possibilities for cures for hitherto untreatable conditions, if money were no object, the sky might be the limit.’
    • ‘Participants may become dependent on researchers because they are impoverished, lack insurance, or have an otherwise untreatable disease and join a trial because it is their last hope.’
    • ‘Only one death - from a fatal and untreatable disease - had an acceptable explanation.’
    • ‘If my mother had just had Huntington's disease diagnosed my request for a prognostic test would be unlikely to be turned down on the basis that the disease is untreatable.’
    • ‘The chapter on palliative therapy is of utmost importance as large number of patients are suitable only for palliation due to their advanced untreatable disease in our country.’
    • ‘It's not a great time to be a biomedical startup, even though it's a rare week that there isn't news of an amazing new biotech drug aimed at previously untreatable cancers, brain diseases, or immune disorders.’
    • ‘None the less, it is a step forward and will stimulate debate about the emergence of neurology from the closet of esoteric and untreatable syndromes.’
    • ‘The pancreatic cancer study got particularly close attention from oncologists because the disease is virtually untreatable and can kill within months.’
    fatal, lethal, mortal, death-dealing, life-threatening
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